Scientists studied TITANIC passengers

Canadian researcher James Hanley together with his colleagues from McGill University believe that the final words of the title song from “Titanic” movie by James Cameron (“my heart will go on and go on”) have nothing to do with reality. Hearts of those who survived the catastrophe had been beating not longer and not shorter than normally.

Scientists think that long-living heroine of the film is a made up character, as up until today the survivors were not studied.

The Canadians used Encyclopedia Titanica website and studied 435 of 500 passengers rescued on Carpathia liner boats, which arrived to the sinking Titanic 1hr 50mins after the crash. Destiny of the remaining 65 is impossible to trace.

The biggest groups of survivors were North Americans and Britons who traveled the first and second class, and also people who migrated from Europe to America in the third class.

Hanley’s researchers compared data on these people with materials on normal life length in the US and Sweden of that period, and it appears to be that people rescued from Titanic lived not longer but not shorter than normal people.