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Earth is flat

“Our Flat Earth Society is non-military, non-commercial, non-religious organization which activity is devoted to deepening our understanding of reality through the questions of pataphysics, empirical researches and ideas exchange”. Is this a joke? Fake?

It seemed that humankind had done with the form of the planet in XII-XIV centuries. And now – the Flat Earth Society! And what is this “pataphysics” about? We learn from here that it has nothing to do with physics or metaphysics. “It is a science of imagined solutions, which symbolically assigns qualities described only by their possibility to the range of objects characteristics”. Ok, it’s science, that’s already something. Still the flat earth is a bit too much, isn’t it? Another quotation:

“While the Society is not a group of madmen, it opposes fashionable and politically correct theory of Spherical Earth, which is being fed to us by so called “scientists”, mass media and politicians”.

The Society states it was created in 1993 by a man with very familiar name Lee Harvey Oswald Smith. It’s structure is “three-sided”, and activities are concentrated on North America, British Islands and Australasia.

It is headed by Established Major Figures. They offer candidates for membership from various levels, and the members continue “active work in many areas of culture, science and societal life”.

Now, the most interesting. The Society’s FAQ:

What’s the Earth’s shape?

“The Earth is flat. It has a pentagonal shape and hence has five corners.”

What is the “middle angle”?

If we draw lines from every corner to the center of Earth’s opposite side, the lines will cross at the middle of Flat Earth. This place is known as Middle Angle.

Middle Angle proves that 5 equals 6?


Hey, wait a minute, this middle angle is not a real one…

“In fact, the spherical Earth’s equator is an imagined line as well. Does this mean their model doesn’t have north and south hemispheres? If you can not calculate imaginary numbers does this mean they do not exist?”

And how about the south and north hemispheres?

“Spherical Earth theory is rubbish. It is meant that Earth is a sphere, but it is not so. The Earth, however, has got Inner and Outer Circles.”

How the continents are placed at the Flat Earth?

“The most “south” continents are on the outer side, and the “northern” ones are on the inner part”

Does this meant that Middle Angle is at the North Pole?

“Not necessarily. It can be somewhere on the “north” of Earth”

And what is there at the south pole then?

“Edge of the World. It is surrounded in some places with massive chain of rocks”

And where are these corners of Earth?

“We’ve not yet come to conclusion on this problem. Usually these five corners are assigned to these places:

-the northmost corner: lake Mikhayl, Tunguska, Siberia.
-corner no 2: island Greenland or Island (Ultima Thule); although some researchers assign it to island Fogo, Newfoundland, Canada.
-corner no 3 is at Easter island
-corner no 4 is doubtful, it can be Hokkaido, Japan or Lhasa, Nepal or desert of Outer Mongolia
-corner no 5 is somewhere on the south of Tasmania or New Zealand; some scholars suggest island Ponape on the south of Pacific ocean.”

What’s the Earth’s edge length?

“It is infinite”

Does this mean the Earth occupies an infinite territory?

“No, its territory is not larger than England”

How about gravity?

“Gravitation is lies made up by prophets of fake spherical theory. Gravity theory has never been proved. No gravity exists, only inertia. Earth moves through the space like a gigantic elevator. We do not fall because are pressed down by inertia. Earth has got inertia only” 

And what would you say on photos of the Earth from the Moon?

“Most such images are fakes. It is known that “Moon descent” was a fake, the moon surface was filmed in Arizona desert.

A few real photos exist, made from huge height, where the Earth looks like a sphere. The cause of this effect is in rising atmosphere pressure, which leads to denser atmosphere where the lights break the way it creates illusion f spherical Earth”

Can ships get lost at the Edge of the Earth?

“Yes, at least there where there are no mountains. There are places where the Earth’s edge is a gigantic waterfall, and what passes the edge gets lost in ether. Same can happen to a plane”

If great quantity of water flows out through the edge, where does all this water come from?

“This is an argument in support of toroidal orbit of the Earth. When our planet changes this orbit, all the disappearing water comes back here as a rain. This also means passengers of ships and planes lost in space can come back some times”

Enough, I guess. It is to be added that Idaho and North Dakota do not exist, somewhere inside the Earth or at its edges live green-skinned women or Nazis, and so on.

Meanwhile, the Flat Earth Society is not the only one. Here’s another and other and other. The idea is popular.

Certainly, members of some of them buy membership, pay news subscription and fees. But not everyone can become a part of them: “We do not want to see members of our society being silly or rough animals with an aim of sneering and harming our work. Sane sense is what we aim for”

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