Author`s name Michael Simpson

Generations to Come Will be the Fattest

Contemporary teenagers will reveal numerous mental disorders when they grow older
The British Medical Association (BMA) states in its report that contemporary teenagers will suffer from adiposity and sterility oftener than any other generation in the history.

Researchers say overeating, drinking alcohol, smoking and drug addiction are some kind of a delayed-action mine that will blow up when teenagers grow older. 
Among teenagers at the age of 16-19, ten per cent of girls suffer from sexually transmitted diseases; 25 per cent of 15-16-year-old teenagers smoke and one fifth suffer from adiposity. 11 per cent of teenagers at the age of 11-15 took drugs a month before the research.
What is more, BMA states that contemporary teenagers will reveal numerous mental disorders when they grow older.
Experts say that bad health of teenagers is explained with the fact that they belong to a gap between social and medical services for adults and children.  The BMA ethics department chief says that teenagers are reluctant to consult with family doctors on sexually transmitted diseases.

The British Medical Association believes it is important to create not only special services for teenagers but also to develop legislation to prohibit access of teenagers to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

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