2003 Cool Inventions

They are really cool and may make our life easier
An alternative flu vaccine can be introduced into the human organism through the nose. The vaccine was invented by Hussein Maasab and MedImmune Vaccines laboratory. FluMist is a wonderful present to those who hate to be ill and do not like injections. Unlike the regular vaccines, FluMist is nasal spray. The new vaccine is a two-effect medicine. When in the nasopharynx, FluMist activates production of anti-flu amboceptors. As it is known, the flu virus penetrates into the human body through the respiratory tract, so the invention increases the human tolerance dozens of times. FluMist is a wonderful protection from flu for those people who hate injections. Forecasts say the whole of the world is in for a sweeping flu epidemic this winter, so the invention has come in really handy. The new vaccine costs $50 per a dose. 
Motorola and Frog Design have invented sunglasses with a video camera, cell phone and Internet. Fashion and high technologies seldom keep step with each other. Designers do not rule out that in the future people will be able to "wear" computers like clothes. Today, Offspring Wearable sunglasses are the first step toward the dream. They are not just stylish sunglasses. The rim has an installed video camera and the left lens has a LCD monitor inside. There are earphones inside of the Offspring Wearable ears that enable connection to a cell phone. The wonderful sunglasses allow to surf the Internet, to read emails, take digital pictures or do video shooting. The wonderful sunglasses will go on sale in 2006.

Gibson Musical Instruments invented a digital electric guitar. The MP3 format allows to listen to digital music. Why not compose digital music with the help of digital instruments? The first Gibson electric guitar will be on sale in January 2004; this unique instrument has an installed microprocessor for online digitization and a circuit card. 

When a musician strikes a chord with this new guitar, the analog sound of each of the six strings is converted into a digital file which further reaches the amplifier with the help of Ethernet. The sound that is produced this way is clearer and suffers less distortion than the sound of the regular electric guitar. The Gibson digital electric guitar costs about $3,000.

Lilly ICOS LLC invented a love pill that guarantees 36 hours of sex. So, Viagra has got a really strong competitor. Cialis, a European miraculous pill is entering the US market. The French call the pill "Le Weekender" and say Cialis works wonders with men. The new pill allows men suffering from erection disfunction to make love within 36 hours while Viagra helps prolong the pleasure for 4 hours only. Another advantage of Cialis is that the pill can be taken on a full stomach. Really strong potency is guaranteed in half an hour after the pill is taken. The Time states, the only thing left to do is to invent a pill that would guarantee sexual desire for women every day.

It is incredible but women nowadays can press the button of a mechanism that helps experience emotions similar to sexual excitement.

Omron is the inventor of a robot cat for stress relieving. Scientists stated long ago that people having cats by their side feel happy and quiet.

Japanese NeCoRo robot cat (it is called Max in the US) looks very much like a live cat; it responses to different commands and reacts to movements. American therapeutists Alex and Yelena Libin say the robot cat is recommended for people suffering from psychiatric diseases. They do need "aid" of a cat, but unfortunately these people cannot take care of living creatures. That is why the robot cat is the best solution for them in this case.

Max can purr and move its ears when it is patted on the back or called by its name. Very much like a living cat, the robot cat can sit, sleep and lick itself clean. The basic advantage of therobotcat is that it does not need any WC at all. For the time being, Max is available for scientific researches only.

American Murray Broom invented an absolutely transparent kayak that allows to see the bottom of the ocean and watch the underwater life. The boat is made of transparent plastic and gives a wonderful opportunity to watch sea turtles, dolphins and other creatures living in the sea without diving into the sea depth. The plastic coat of the kayak is soft and flexible, but at the same time it is rather strong to stand strikes against sharp stones. The hard frame of the kayak is made of keviar. The weight of the boat is 12 kilograms, which is twice as less as the lightest fiberglass model. The kayak is already available on the market for $4,289.
Luminex has invented material emitting light and called it Luminex. The invention should have appeared in the disco epoch. It is material of a new type that not only shines in the darkness but also is a valuable source of light. Scientists interwove the hyperfine optical fiber meant for physical experiments in power engineering into some ordinary material. Luminex receives energy from batteries sewed into material. The new material suits wonderfully for concert suits of popular stars, ladies' handbags and curtains. In the nearest time, clothes made of Luminex will have chips sewed inside to make clothes flicker according to some particular pattern. Next year, DKNY is to start production of pillows of Luminex.

Britain's Gibbs Technologies design company has created an amphibian cabriolet Aquada. This is a unique sports auto that can move on the surface and on the water. The auto’s speed on the surface is not particularly high, 160 kilometers per hour, while on the water the speed reaches 50 kilometers per hour. The Aquada engine power is 175 horse powers. The car has no doors for its better air-tightness. Aquada has special sensors with which even the most stupid driver will not be able to turn it into a boat until it is launched. By the end of the year the number of produced Aquada autos will make up 100; the innovation is expected to cost $250,000.
Affymetrix invented the human genome on a computer chip. Each cell of the human organism contains a copy of the whole of the genome, the set of 50,000 known genes and their combinations. This information is really important for scientists searching for genetic markers or developing a genetic medicine against cancer. Scientists need an instrument to single out every particular gene and make it easy for identification. The invention by Affymetrix is the instrument scientists need. GeneChip contains the entire human genome. Earlier, scientists managed to record just half of the genome on the chip. GeneChip is already available on the market for $300-500.

Sony has invented Qrio, a humanoid robot.  The invention is defined as an assistant robot. When the robot enters the market it will be as expensive as the last BMW model. Qrio can walk, sing, dance, wave the hand, move the fingers and kick a football. There is a digital camera in each of Qrio's eyes that help it identify up to 10 different human faces and memorize how furniture stands in the room for further free movement in it. The robot can speak Japanese.

After the large-scale blackout in the US in August 2003, millions of Americans have realized that they may wonderfully spend evenings at home without watching TV and that spare batteries for cell phones are extremely important items. For those who want to feel confident under any conditions, Coleman created the AirGen electric generator. AirGen can produce 1 kilowatt of energy within 8 hours with the help of one hydrogen box. AirGen is an ecologically safe electric generator. It evolves only steam and heat that can be used in living quarters, its small size allows to place AirGen even under an office desk. Now it is available for $5,995.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov