The Great Flood

Environmentalists once again warn people of devastating consequences of global warming. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has published new data on Friday of last week regarding this problem.

The research indicated that temperature increase by approximately 4 degrees Centigrade will cause majority of glaciers to melt. Many countries will be left without fresh water, since glaciers carry about 70% of the entire water supply.
South Asia may suffer the most severe consequences. The region’s population relies heavily on the Himalayan glaciers. About third of the planet’s population inhabits this part of land. As for those countries of Latin America such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Andes’ glaciers remain practically the only source of fresh water.

Aside from the problem of drinking water shortage, the warming will also cause sea level in the World’s ocean to rise. Huge territories of land, cities, agricultural lands, unique natural landscapes, all will be flooded. 

Taking into account glacier melting in the course of the past ten years in Arctic, Antarctic and Alps, German scientists have predicted the overall temperature increase by 1,4-5,8 degrees Centigrade by the end of the XXI century.
Evidently, we should stop polluting the atmosphere in order to fight this greenhouse effect. Unfortunately, a famous Kyoto protocol of 1997, which urges major industrial countries to decrease their wastes, has been unable to collect enough signatures in order to be made a law. Either Russia or America needs to add their votes in order for the document to take effect. However, neither one of the countries is willing to sign the document. Both realize that it may significantly affect the entire production industry.

While government officials continue to meet and simply discuss these problems, scientists attempt to change current situation. Nowadays, for instance, they are conducting a tremendous experiment to save the Kilimanjaro glacier in Africa. A group of specialists in Zimbabwe covers the ice with special plastic shields hoping to protect it from sun rays. This particular glacier will most likely be the first one to completely disappear from the Earth’s surface. This could happen as early as in 2020. Obviously, it is not sufficient enough to cover all the glaciers with plastic shields. It is in fact absurd! 
It should be noted nonetheless, that ecological catastrophe is not as far away as many consider. According to one famous Russian scientist V. Goverdovsky, there is a straight correlation between global warming and a series of earthquakes in the Altai region. After some tedious calculations, the scientist arrived at the conclusion that a melting glacier in Altai has most likely caused those quakes. Constant pressure on the earth’s crust has suddenly disappeared thus causing it to move, reports “”.  



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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov