No food, No water........for 68 years

A 76year-old Indian Prahad Djani has mesmerized doctors and scientists. He has not been eating or drinking in the course of 68 years. He has not been defacating either. Djani's popularity is growing. A relatively large group of his followers has already been formed. 

Due to doctors' demands, Prahad Djani has agreed to go through a complete medical examination at Ahmedabada hospital, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.
400 doctors from Sterling Hospital could not prove Djani's lie. It seems like this person dressed in a red sari with bracelets on both hands has not in fact consumed food and water in the course of many years.
Several doctors have been examining Djani in the course of 10 entire days. His every move has been videotaped. Neurologist Sadhir Shah confirms that Djani has neither eaten nor drank in the course of the entire examination period. He has not defacated either. It is still hard to believe however, that he was able to refrain from food and water for 68 years, remarks the doctor.
Doctors are completely puzzled and amazed at the same time. Neither one of them is capable of providing scientific explanation to such phenomenon.
As for Djani, he claims that at age 8 he heard a voice from above and had been "chosen." "A hole opens in my sky from which I constantly receive an elixir of life," says Djani.

It took doctors one whole year to compel Djani to be examined. Nowadays, NASA specialists are interested in examining the hermit. His experience might be of exceptional use to astronauts.

Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov