A Sensational Discovery in Yaroslavl

A student from Yaroslavl has made a sensational discovery in astronomy

Anna Nahodeeva, a senior of physics and mathematics department at the Yaroslavl State University has come up with a formula that allows to calculate precise amount of satellites rotating within the Solar system. The girl has calculated that Saturn has in fact 139 satellites, which is ten times more than is known today. The smallest among them is less than kilometer in diameter. This makes it virtually impossible to spot the satellite from Earth.
Today, Russia does not have all the necessary equipment in order to prove or disprove Anna’s new formula. As for Anna, the girl has seen a real telescope just two years ago. Americans however, plan to launch a new satellite "Cassinni" in June of next year. This $ 2 billion is planned to verify such intriguing information once and for all.

According to assistant professor of the University of Experimental Physics Nikolai Perov, "This will definitely cause a major revolution in the sphere of celestial mechanics in case of the theory's approval." Nahodeeva in turn, is absolutely assured that her formula is correct. Her previous research with the Neptune's satellite has proved to be just right, as Vesti.ru reports.

In any way, the student has already left her heavenly mark on this planet.


Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov