Hitler was hypnotized during the World War I

This sensational viewpoint has been stated by writer and historian David Lewis in his new book “A Man Who Created Hitler”.

The author cites unknown facts of conducting psychological and hypnotical tests over Shilkgruber resulted in developing his perception himself as an exceptional person. The tests were made by German leading psychologist Edmund Foster in November 1918.

The future Furer was hypnotized in the military hospital where he was brought in October 1918 in a difficult psychological condition: he persuaded himself that he had lost his eyesight after the gas attack. Hitler considered himself to become completely blind although the doctors claimed his eyesight was normal.

Dr Foster understood the patients problem and decided to cure him with hypnosis.  He told Hitler that he had become blind indeed, but as God made him an exceptional person  he could obtain eyesight again by his will power.

Professor was able to make the patient to believe in himself and Hitler recovered his eyesight.

It impressed him so much that for the rest of his life he believed in his extraordinary abilities.

Admund Foster was killed by Gestapo in 1933  when he tried to publish outside Germany the psychological portrait of Chancellor Hitler and tell about the psychological tests he underwent.

Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey