Did Noah Go Through Flood in Wooden Submarine?

A Russian expedition managed to discover remains of the legendary ark
Within the past years, results of aero and space photography have proved that there is some wooden construction in the glacier on the top of the Ararat mountain. This huge construction looks very much like an ark. But as Turks (as is known, the Ararat mountain is situated on the territory of Turkey) do not allow foreigners to this part of the country, it has not been yet found out what the construction is in fact.

At the beginning of autumn, a Russian expedition visited for the first time the region where Noah's Ark might have been situated on the Ararat Mountain. Leader of the expedition Andrey Polyakov tells about the details of the expedition. 

The Neizvestnaya Planeta (Unknown Planet) TV company that organized the expedition managed to appropriate financing only for four members of the expedition, two TV operators and two journalists.

Before we ascended Ararat, we visited several places in the foothill that were also connected with the Noah legend. Ancient Armenians used unusually huge plates as gravestones on their graves and engraved crosses on them. In fact, these plates are anchor stones that had been used as dead weight for ships centuries ago. Archeologists discover many stones of this kind in the Mediterranean Sea. But at the bottom of the mountain the stones are 1.5-2 times bigger (2.5-3 to 1.5 meters). This is logic to suppose that a ship that used the anchor stones was much bigger than usual ones.

- Did you see the ark itself?

Yes, we were to the place where it is situated. The object that is supposedly called Noah's Ark is not on the mountain itself but 30 kilometers away from Ararat. Even the Bible says the ark moored not to the Ararat Mountain itself but to Ararat mountains. A huge construction of fossilized wood resembles a yacht with a deck of a football field size. The biggest anchor stones are situated in a different place; the number of stones is big enough to suppose there might have been entire flotilla of ships.

Kurds living in the place say that in 1948 the area suffered an earthquake; witnesses say that during the shocks the ship was squeezed from under the surface. Suddenly, the whole of the place was lit with bright light.

Nowadays, the body of the ark is divided into two parts with a piece of rock. It towers about two meters above the surface, the rest of the body is concealed. But we need opinion of researchers to prove that it is actually Noah's Ark.

My opinion is that the ark must look like a submarine. A vessel resembling a yacht would have turned upside-down during the Flood. By the way, ancient Shumers have a description of the ark; according to the description, a model resembling a submarine was made in then 16th century.

To put an end to the searches for Noah's Ark, it is necessary to examine two more points that researchers mention. Next year, we plan to organize an international expedition to the place. Turks, Armenians, Americans and Russians will ascend the Ararat Mountain from four sides. This will allow to examine the mountain in detail which will dispel all myths concerning Noah's Ark.

The Ararat Mountain has quite a severe temper. There is a legend saying that Saint Jacob heard angels saying that the ark would reveal itself to people only when God wanted it to. In fact, Ararat is a volcanic mountain and evolves gas at a very high altitude. This gas provokes high-altitude sickness. Three members of the expedition suffered the sickness. One of us was hit with the sickness when he conquered the peak. The man stopped recognizing other people.

So, there is quite a scientific explanation to the fact why many expeditions failed to achieve success on Ararat.
Alexander Tsygankov

Author`s name Marina Lebedeva