Author`s name Olga Savka

Rael cloned!

Pity that a part of the public is now ready to believe in any other 'clones'
The time has come to unveil a mystery of the most recent past: the sect of Raelians and Clonaid company. We believe our readers could understand what both these sect and company really represent, a long time ago. If you did, then just don't read further and switch to more interesting stuff. And if you didn't, then we dare to believe that this article is for you. Thus, in Dec 2002, a sect headed by Claude Vorilhon, aka Rael, and called by his name the sect of Raelians, or simply Raelians, together with the company called Clonaid, announced that they have, 'with the help of extraterrestrials' and for the first time in the human history, cloned a human being. But they refused to show the new-born clone to the public.

Sounds strange? But, in fact, Raelians and 'Clonaidians' claim they have cloned human to bring more attention to themselves; to get more members, and their member fees and donations. Their method: first they announced that the first clone was 'born', but that 'her parents' 'declined' to show her ('her', since that 'was' a 'female'). Next, in January, they announced the 'birth' of the 'second' clone, by a Dutch woman, 'somewhere in Europe' and in an 'undisclosed location'. Then they announced that many-many new clones are to be 'born', in their turn. And voila, on March 10 2003 - a new announcement, about a next "clone". In other words, they decided to make 'birth announcements', at intervals, in order to periodically inflate interest to their sect and especially the stuff that they are selling.

Pity that a part of the public is now ready to believe in any other 'clones', when, and where ever their 'birth', would be announced by this organization, just because they have already announced the 'births' of 'first clones'.

Der Voron