Invisible Danger of Electromagnetic Fields

The impact of electromagnetic fields causes the greatest harm to people's health
A new information partner of PRAVDA.Ru's Ecology column, well-known Belarussian journalist Vitaly Lipik suggests ideas how people can become protected from emanations.

A human being introduces much negative changes into the environment. The human body can feel some of them. For example, we can sense changes in the air composition, distinguish bad water from good one or determine the source of noise. We can do it with the help of the organs of senses granted by the nature to us, but unfortunately we cannot sense changes in the electromagnetic field to which the human body is really very susceptible. The planet has an electromagnetic field of its own; its frequency is 10 hertz and all living creatures are tuned to this frequency that determines all important processes in our life. When a man becomes isolated from this electromagnetic field he suffers from physical and mental deviations.

If we sum up the electromagnetic fields people have created around, the total level of these fields will exceed the natural electromagnetic field of the planet millions of times. The impact of a strong electromagnetic field is accompanied with the thermal effect and may cause overheating of the tissues. This is important that irreversible consequences can become apparent very quickly in this case. Usage of mobile phones causes a serious impact upon the human brain: when we speak over mobile phones some sectors in the brain become overheated which in its turn may provoke cancer of brain. The spinal cord and eyes are particularly susceptible to strong electromagnetic fields. The lens contains the white that is easily destroyed while heated; as a result of this destruction a cataract may develop. Men's genitals also badly react to irradiation. An impact of an electromagnetic field with the density of over 5 megawatt per square centimeter may result in sterility and genes mutations.

At the same time, the impact of an electromagnetic field having no obvious thermal effect also causes negative consequences. Researches conducted in Russia discovered the dependence of thrombosis, different neoplasms including blood cancer upon the impact of an electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields have a particularly dangerous impact upon children's organism. Researches conducted in the USA revealed the impact of electromagnetic fields upon the incidence of mortinatality and complications in pregnancy. An electromagnetic field of over 1.6 microtesla doubles the risk of abnormal development or death of an embryo. The impact of an electromagnetic field of 0.4 - 12 microtesla reduces the effectiveness of people's immune system. The electromagnetic field produced by rather harmless desk electronic clock is 2 microtesla. Just imagine what is the electromagnetic field produced by other domestic sources of electromagnetic field such as TV sets, computers and vacuum cleaners. Out of the wide range of domestic appliances an electric razor and a hair drier produce the highest electromagnetic fields (up to 1,000 and 2,000 microtesla correspondingly).

British scientists have determined that an electromagnetic field provokes depressions and suicidal spirits. The number of suicides committed by people working in the electro-technical industry is 3.6 times higher than in other spheres. America's Journal of Epidemiology reports the dependence of cardiovascular diseases upon the impact of an electromagnetic field. Swedish researchers report that the impact of electromagnetic fields increases the breast cancer risk among women under fifty 7.4 times. These are just exactly the diseases that are important problems in the modern society. This is probably the reason why people surrounded with lots of electronic appliances often suffer from different diseases. However this is quite obvious that humanity has no way back as we cannot give up the comforts of civilization that we have now. At the same time, a human being cannot be isolated from the impact of electromagnetic fields as they have good transmissibility.

There are a number of recommendations explaining how we can reduce the impact of electromagnetic fields; the recommendations concern mobile phones and computers. For example, try to avoid folding of cables in coils; don't leave cords of electric appliances in sockets; try to change the distance between the ear and your mobile phone, switch from ear to ear while talking over the mobile phone; use shielding cables in living quarters. However the recommendations are not effective enough.

Designing of electric appliances with low electromagnetic fields may somehow protect people from the impact of electromagnetic fields or will reduce the impact, but it's actually a hard task to replace all electric appliances everywhere. Even if they are replaced everywhere we will still have electric mains and transmitting stations. Scientists are working on methods to reduce the impact of electromagnetic fields upon people. We sometimes treat like fantasy all information saying about creation of portable devices capable of modeling an electromagnetic field of required frequency around a man. Creation of such devices would help people survive under conditions of the modern civilization because people cannot feel and even don't suspect about the negative impact of electromagnetic fields, while the daily impact of electromagnetic fields is ruinous for people's health.

Vitaly Lipik
Special to PRAVDA.Ru

Author`s name Margarita Kicherova