Author`s name Michael Simpson

Mysterious Site on the Balkans

Secret military and technical experiment was held in the place, but no results reported
Some years ago a panic seized clairvoyants and sensitives of Bulgaria (it is astonishing that the number of senstives in Bulgaria is higher than everywhere in the world). The problem is that they felt a strong low-frequency radiation 30 kilometers north-west from Sofia. Newspapers reported that a spot was found where the Earth established connection with the Galaxy; the spot was said to be the center of an extraterrestrial civilization; the media reported that health of people in Sofia and in the region was in danger.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense set up a special research group as a response to the rumors and conjectures. The group was headed by General Staff Deputy Commander Radko Mincev. A polygon was set up in the outskirts of the village of Carichina where Major-General engineer Ljubomir Dinev was in command of "military and technical research works".

That meant: the place where the strange spot was discovered was to be excavated all around. Locals found out and further the whole of Bulgaria also learnt that the work was performed by seven people, soldiers and officers. A young woman Maria Naplatanova, a powerful sensitive who had experience of working with the military also worked together with the group excavating the area.

The whole of the work was done secretly; the place was closely guarded, encircled with a fence and covered with a camouflage tent. The whole of Bulgaria was shocked to learn that Maria Naplatanova suddenly died. The fact couldn't be hidden, and the general Dinev had to explain the whole of the situation to the press. He said that the death of the woman had nothing to do with the technical and military experiment held near Carichina.

The vague explanation just gives rise to another wave of rumors. People said that not only the sensitive fell victim of the experiment; it was also rumored that several people of the research group died. It was allegedly said that the staff of the group changed several times.
Officers and soldiers participating in the excavation work were said to be taken to mental hospitals or died.

No more information on the subject followed from the army command. There was no information saying about the results and the very issue of the experiment. Later the object in Carichinskaya Dupka was closed down temporarily.

Army correspondent of the Bulgarian Army newspaper Krasen Buchkov reported: "I got acquainted with General Ljubomir Dinev when the experiment was carried out. He promised to tell all the details as soon as the experiment is over. I even saw the several volumes of a report that he developed on the issue. However, when the work on the object was completed, General Dinev was placed on the retired list. As far as I know he published no information on that experiment."

We took a train to get to the place named Kostinbrod; the road got much worse as we got further from the place. To get to Carichina we even had to walk three kilometers along a very narrow path on a mountain slope.

Carichina turned out to be a picturesque village very typical of the Balkans: there are lots of tiled roofs against the background of gray granite and dark green conifer. In most cases, people from Carichina said that there was nothing particular about the place; after the rumors about the strange findings the people soon forgot about the place. But some of the locals did agree that the place was strange and the old of the village usually pass it by. But none of the people agreed to take the journalist to Dupka, they just showed the way to the place.

This is strange to see a policeman under a big fir tree. What does the policeman guard? Is there a military object? But in fact there was no military infrastructure or a warning inscription there. The policeman asked the journalist to show his documents. When he learnt about the purpose of the visit, the policeman told the journalist to follow in a different direction and never to show up near the place.

Last time the journalist touched upon the issue of Carichina was in a conversation with Katerina Ivanova, a clairvoyant very much respected by scientists studying phenomena. The woman said that there is something incredible in the place but she had no right to speak about it. "Nobody has the right to speak about it, at least among those people who has the capability to see what ordinary people cannot. Maria Naplatanova violated the prohibition, probably because of her young age, and the woman was punished for that. One thing is for sure and I have the right to speak about it: the place focuses huge energy from the space. But time hasn't come to approach the secret closer."
And the woman is reliable to trust her: a year before Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev died she predicted the exact date of his death. She also gave an exact prediction of the day when a war broke out in Bosnia. These two facts show that the woman can be trusted. Katerina Ivanova helped many people and warned them against great problems. She told the journalist: "It's good you didn't get to the place. It's your luck. But believe the story of Carichinskaya Dupka will once more come up to light."

Daniil Zemlyak