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Good Health Comes Through the Nose

Doctor Tatyana Konovalova from the Russian city of Voronezh tells about the ppwer of aromas
Ginger helps people cope with sea-sickness. It is known perfectly well that every transport influences the organisms of travelers. Many people suffer from sea-sickness while traveling by sea. Doctors from France's Human Center have discovered that ginger aroma helps avoid sea-sickness. Just drip 2-3 drops of ginger oil on a handkerchief and breathe it in. If you feel giddy because of exhausts in auto transport or in a train compartment, suffer from vomiting or loathing, you should breathe in eucalyptus oil having dripped 2-3 drops on a handkerchief. When children are sea-sick they are given a lump of sugar saturated with mint oil to breathe with.

People working at computers have their eyes exposed to the highest stress. Eye overstrain reduces intellectual faculties and concentration of attention. Researchers from Japan, the country where computers are used everywhere, conducted an experiment to find out the effect of aromas in offices on people's health and efficiency.

It turned out that eucalyptus aroma reduces fatigue caused by overstrain. Lavender aroma helps people concentrate and jasmine improves the spirits. Ordinary lemon is the champion among aromas. Today, the majority of Japanese companies have pots with lemon trees standing in their windows, and there are tiny bowls with lemon slices standing near each computer.

During office breaks one can see Japanese computer workers squeezing lemon peels and smelling the aroma. It is interesting that recently ophthalmologists have determined that lemon spray does not cause any harm to eyes but on the contrary make them clear and bright.

To impart a spring freshness aroma to linen and clothes, add 5 drops of lemon essential oil, 4 lavender drops and 2 drops of the rose petal essence. Put an open bottle with the aroma mixture of these oils into the wardrobe where linen and clothes are kept.

Memorization is the basic process going on in the human memory. It is responsible for the completeness, precision, duration and stability of information kept in the memory. The ability to retain information, thoughts and impressions can be stimulated by essential oils. Essential oils of cedar, juniper, rosemary, basil, tangerine and lemon are the best to stimulate people's mental faculties. These are aromas having prophylactic action.

When you feel that your memory is becoming weaker because of weariness and overstrain, make an aroma mixture of 5 carnation oil drops, 6 lavender essence drops, 3 pepper mint oil drops and 5 rosemary oil drops. Put the mixture into a glass bottle and draw ten deep breaths from the bottle every hour.

Aroma sticks may help solve health problems as well, but you need to use them carefully and pick out only those aromas cure the indisposition you are suffering from. Sandal helps recovery after diseases; musk helps overcome diseases; lotus gives quiet and deep sleep; magnolia and jasmine relieve headache and internal stress; lavender cleanse rooms and helps prepare places for work.

Aroma sticks must be kept away from sunrays as the sun may destroy the healing effect of the sticks.