Snoring May Cause Impotence

If your weight exceeds the norm, then you sound too loud at night
Valentina Ryabina, candidate of medical sciences, senior scientist for problems of ears, throat and nose, consultant with Moscow's LOR-clinic tells about methods applied for treatment of snoring and the danger of the illness for people's health.

- Why does snoring happen?

Snoring arises because of obstacles that air meets on its way through the nose, the gullet and the larynx; these may be adenoids, palatine tonsils and the root of tongue, tumors, polipuses, displacement of the nasal partition and enlarged thyroid gland. The main reason of snoring is a thick and flabby palate. While a man is sleeping, the palate blocks the nasopharynx and vibrates at exhalation; it produces noise that is treated as snoring. 5-7 per cent of snoring people suffer from heavy forms of snoring; they even have sudden respiratory standstills, or apnea.

-Are sudden respiratory standstills dangerous?

Apnea may last for 10 seconds and repeat over 300 times within a night. A man starts gasping, he may even die of asphyxia if not awaken. It is not only apnea that is dangerous but even snoring. It reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to muscles. As a result, people suffer from night enuresis and even impotence. Poor oxygen access to the heart muscles causes high blood pressure and headaches. Snoring people suffer the highest risk of an infarct and a stroke, as arteries on the neck may be injured when people start gasping and swallow the air. Why do snoring people sleep uneasily and feel sleepy in the morning? The problem is that snoring causes deficit of oxygen that the brain receives. Not getting enough sleep results in poor memory and bad concentration of memory, irritability and depression.

- Can people get rid of snoring?

At first, doctors must determine the cause of snoring and proscribe methods of treatment, either surgical or non-surgical. Sometimes patients are recommended to give up alcohol, smoking, drugs, anaesthetic, sleeping pills and energizers as they cause relaxation of the palate and result in snoring.

As for non-surgical methods, this is fixation of the lower jaw or the root of the tongue with the help of helmets. This methods is used when reduction of the respiratory tract is caused with retraction of the lower jaw or the root of the tongue. It has been noticed that when people sleep lying on their backs the palate completely closes the respiratory tract, and it blocks just half of the respiratory tract when people sleep on sides. Usually people with the weight that is 120 per cent higher than the norm are all snoring. They are recommended to lose weight to stop snoring.

As for surgical methods, they are applied to liquidate mechanical obstacles in the upper airways. The palate is made shorter with a knife or a surgical laser, palatine tonsils are removed. It is important that the methods start working in a month after the treatment is over.

-Are there any new methods for treatment of snoring?

Recently a new method has been introduced that suggests effect of cold upon the palate; the cold burns the palate and causes inflammation. As a result of the cold impact the palate gets harder and vibrates less. Sometimes this cold impact is supplied with drug therapy. Special medicines make the respiratory tract, the bronchi in particular, wider and make breathing easier.

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