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Guest from Krasnodar Taught Rostov Citizens to Give Up Meals

A woman from Russia's Krasnodar Region lived three years without meals and water
She rejected food and water herself. The woman says she feeds on the air that contains enough moisture. Mass media and admirers of her talent focus particular attention on the woman now.

About 8 thousand people all over the world carry out experiments of this kind. Only people spiritually ready for contacting the woman were allowed to see her. Indeed, the physics and biology laws are helpless to explain what is going on with this 67 year-old woman from Krasnodar.

People who came to see the unusual woman have to pay 50 rubles; they gather in a hall and see two women in sky-blue clothes. It was a mystery which of the two was the woman who gave up meals and food.

It was on March 2, 2000, right before the Lent that Zinaida Baranova decided to give up meals. The woman says she received a spiritual message from above to do so. A bit later she made a decision to give up not only meals but also drinking water.
The phenomenon cannot be explained from a medical point of view. But Zinaida Baranova says she is a person belonging to a new epoch; her lungs have transformed and can absorb moisture from the air. This is what she subsists on.

There is another woman who tried the experiment. Galina Mukomolova from the Russian city of Rostov managed to hold out without meals just for a year. The woman says she has seriously changed during this time.

It is important that Zinaida Baranova doesn't recommend other people to follow her example. She says that this hard experiment requires not only physical efforts. She says some spiritual mood is also important to give up meals and water.