Author`s name Olga Savka

Robot Dogs Sniff Out Drugs Better Than Living Ones

Russian border guards have already shown interest in the invention
Russia has never produced anything like it before. The main peculiarity of the invenstion is the ability to distinguish the odor of narcotic substances under extreme conditions: The robot dog is capable of detecting cocaine or marijuana in a large truck filled with strongly-smelling foodstuffs.

Russian border guards that serve on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan have already evinced a great interest in the new device. The invention, which was developed by Siberian scientists, will help border guards to search for drugs in cars and trucks filled with onions, garlic, dill and other spices and kitchen herbs. Hundreds of kilograms of drugs are transported across the Russia-Kazakh border in such trucks.

Siberian scientists programmed the robot dog with an extensive database that contains information both about basic kinds of drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, opium and their variants. The database also contains a list of substances that are used to mask the smell of drugs. The appliance is capable of distinguishing various sorts of one and the same drug. If it encounters an unknown drug, its database is automatically updated.


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