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Adolf Hitler knew the day when he was to die, that is why he did away with his astrologer
Non-traditional forecasting methods are interesting for everyone, starting from an African Bushman to presidents of world's largest countries. Non-traditional forecasting includes astrologers and clairvoyants to whose services powers that be often resort while making important political and military decisions.

It was with the help of astrology that the Russia-Japan war of 1904 was predicted. Even a year before the bloody events in Moscow in October 1993, astrologers predicted that the situation would develop that way. Former Major-General of the Soviet KGB Georgy Rogozin was an astrologer in the Kremlin under the first Russian President, Boris Yeltsin. Already in the Soviet era he started studying paranormal phenomena, super capabilities of humans and astrological methods of forecasting.

Fuhrer's Private Astrologer

Political astrology reached its peak popularity in the time of the Third Reich. Hitler was very much interested in occult sciences, especially the Eastern ones, he was inclined to mysticism. As is known, it was already in 1923 that a German astrologer recommended the prospective "demoniac fuhrer" not to take any political actions in autumn. When the November putsch failed in Munich, the greatest criminal of the 20th century reviewed his attitude to astrology.

At the end of 1933, many astrologers started working for national socialists; they grasped very quickly what was welcomed forecasts in the new Reich and what wasn't. Disagreeable foretellers either disappeared at all or were sent to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen.

Hitler's private adviser Otto Hanussen was the best astrologer of that time. However, the Fuhrer disliked Hanussen's forecasts saying of gross mistakes that, as the astrologer said, would be further committed by Hitler and the foretelling concerning division of Germany for a very long period. So, Hanussen was liquidated for his disagreeable foretelling.

Secret Sabbath in the Wartburg Castle

Early on March 15, 1938, citizens of a small town Eisenach, the geographical center of Germany, were awakened with roar of engines. They saw a cavalcade of cars driving along the neat mountain road to the top of the Wartburg mountain, where the Wartburg Castle stood since 1607. Eisenach and the Wartburg Castle played a mysterious role in the life of Germany. In this very place great church reformer Martin Luther stayed in confinement within 1521-1522. As a legend says, once a devil came into his cell, and Martin Luther threw an ink-pot at the devil. Since that time, a black ink spot shows up on a wooden wall of the cell from time to time. The spot cannot be wiped off. The spot showed up before WWII. There is no explanation to the phenomenon even now.

A secret conference of astrologers and clairvoyants of the Third Reich took place in the Wartburg Castle, they discussed Germany's future there. The conference was held on the initiative of Doctor Joseph Goebbels (certainly, on the Fuhrer's permission); the number of its active participants equaled a dozen. A SS subdivision and a special group of Gestapo's radio- and radiotechnical prospecting were the guards at the conference. The guards had modern facilities meant for
intercepting, so Reichsminister Joseph Goebbels could hear everything that professional magicians of Germany spoke at the conference. Unfortunately, no records of the conference and its participants exist any longer. However, one participant of the mysterious conference in the Wartburg Castle, a former SS hauptsturmfuhrer wasn't sent to Sachsenhausen, but served a jailer in the concentration camp Oswiecim. From there, the Soviet army took the man prisoner and sent to a penitentiary in USSR's Mordovia. The German prisoner was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. But in 1955, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer persuaded the Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev to release all prisoners of war. The people were released by 1957.

As Russian journalists Vladimir Vasilyev and Vladimir Roschupkin studying the Third Reich archives say, the former SS hauptsturmfuhrer was seen last time at a railway station of Potma in Mordovia, on August 28, 1955. It was the prisoner of war who confirmed the scant and incomplete information about the conference held in the Wartburg Castle. The problem is that Germans kept the mysterious conference so much secret that only top-officials of the Reich knew about it. Just few people knew about it in Moscow.
What the magicians saw in the Wartburg Castle in 1938 was that Germany was on verge of a large-scale war. They said, the year of 1938 was very convenient for disarmament of Czechoslovakia, for liberation of the Sudets and Bohemia. The year of 1939 was said to be favorable for solution of the "Polish problem"; the magicians said that Warsaw would get no support from England andFrance. They added, it was better to smash France in 1940.

As for war with Russia, participants of the secret conference said that the years of 1941 and 1946 were the most favorable. At that, the magicians added that the Russian industry and the army were getting more stronger. They feared that by 1946 they would be so much stronger that the Reich wouldn't cope with the Soviet Union at all, Russians would be able to win a war even without allies. The secret conference resolved that it was better to attack the USSR in the second half of May 1941.

All the foretellers unanimously said that a war with the Soviet Union could and should be won within one summer campaign, not later than end of October 1941. They referred to Napoleon and Bismarck saying that war with Russians in winter was wasted labor.

A professor from Munich, who also participated in the secret conference, foretold considerable losses of Germany in autumn and winter of 1942 on the banks of a great Russian river, he probably meant Volga. He also said that half a million of German soldiers would die in Russian fields in the summer of 1943. From further reports of magicians it became clear that Britain and America would start a real war with the Reich only in 1943 in the south and in 1944 in the north. Almost all of the magicians foretold destruction and fire in the cathedral in Koeningsberg, the cathedral that was built in 1333. The information made participants of the secret conference (and also those who intercepted) depressed. However, as a magician from Eastern Prussia coming from Koeningasberg said, the cathedral would be reconstructed in 666 years after its construction and it would regain its esoteric
resources. It is interesting that reconstruction of the cathedral in Russia's Kalininrad (former Koeningsberg) was completed in 1999 (right in 666 years since it was built).

The magicians who gathered for a secret conference in the Wartburg Castle said that a war alliance between Russia, England and America was inevitable, as all of them were inimical toward the Fuhrer and the Reich. Astrologers also foretold that the year of 1946 would be a turning point in the relations between Washington, London and Moscow: the former allies were said to become enemies in that year. Some warming of relations between the countries was said to start in 1953, after Stalin's death. At that, the two important predictions, beginning of the enmity of former allies and death of the Soviet leader, actually took place sharply in 8 and 15 years after the prediction was voiced (in March 1946, when Winston Churchill declared a "cold war" to the USSR, and in March 1953, when Joseph Stalin died).

The magicians were cunning when they spoke about results of the war with Russia: the vaguely promised that after all the country would follow a new great way. That was said to happen in May 1945. At that, opinions split: some foretellers called the date May 8 and others named May 9. They added, borders of the state would change.

The discord in the forecasts enraged Hitler. He decided to punish those foretellers who were afraid to say the opinion that Germany would lose the war with Russia and would be divided into two parts after the war. May 1945 almost confirmed all forecasts of Germany's best foretellers.

Recent discoveries made researchers of WWII and the Third Reich put themselves a question if it was possible that some part of materials on the secret conference of magicians in 1938 became available to allies.
Americans seized Thuringen in April 1945, and Soviet troops entered the area in autumn. It seems that Americans had enough time to question the local population and study labyrinths of the Wartburg Castle. As is known, the Soviet army took a unique device as a trophy. It was a coronograph made by order of Hitler. The device was made not for investigation of solar activity, but for military and political astrological forecasts. The device was out of order; when Soviet engineers repaired it, the device was sent to an astronomy station near the Russian city of Kislovodsk.

The whole of the story gives rise to more questions. What was the objective of a SS expedition held under the aegis of the occult and mystical organization Ahnenerbe in Tibet in 1938? What was the purpose of another SS expedition to Antarctica? Why at the Nuerenberg Trial, the interrogation of SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Wolfram Sievers was immediately interrupted as soon as he started naming some people? Why were dead bodies of Tibet monks in SS uniform found in Hitler's bunker at the end of the war? And so on.

When fighting the evil like Nazism, it is important not to think it has gone forever. It is merely transformed into some other man-hating movements. It is more scary when people pretend that no problem of this kind exists at all.

Vladimir Bogdanov
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