Author`s name Michael Simpson

Siberian Scientists Developed Gymnastics to Do Away With Asthma - 27 February, 2003

These unusual breathing exercises are done without instructors, with the help of a special computer program operating online. Scientists from the Technical Design Institute of Computer Techniques in the Russian Academy of Sciences developed this simulator. The principle of capnography is the basis of its work, it means that the simulator can register carbonic gas concentration in the outward breath. Doctors say it is  the only safe and simple method to control breathing and problems connected with breathing; the method also helps establish effectiveness of medical treatment.

In addition to capnography, the scientists also employed the biological feedback principle in the simulator: now patients can watch changes of their outward breath on a computer monitor and control it in case if problems arise.

Such “electronic breathing instructors” can be used not only for medical treatment of people suffering from bronchial asthma, hyperventilation syndrome, etc. They are also very important for rehabilitation of patients suffering from hypertension, ischemia, psychosomatic disorders, in sports medicine for breathing coaching and for evaluation of reserves of the breathing system.  

Altaiskiy Krai newspaper