Return to the NOW and the ominous 33rd parallel

By Nicolas Bonnal 


As I observed earlier, and some others like me, the 33rd parallel is playing a strategic role this year; for all the present and important conflicts haunt this line. And don't forget that if you don't believe in such things, some other do, who often come to power, like the Bush Dynasty, their axis of evil, the new world order or "thousand points of light". Think too of the Augurs, astrologists, and magi that the powerful consulted at any moment since the dawn of humanity; books were also published about Mitterrand or Reagan's esoteric manias. And President Clinton's university mentor was Carroll Quigley, the best conspiracy historian ever!

So don't tell it's just junk stuff for the nuts. Everything is ruled by the numbers.

Especially are distances and numbers and the manner of using compasses to be learned in that game. 

Kipling, Kim.

I noticed a month ago the role of the number 33, linked to the obvious Three and to the Eleven (11/11/18, 11/22/63, 11/9/2001...). Hitler came to power in 1933, like Roosevelt, and in Soviet Union began the symbolic yet murderous persecution of peasantry. But you can consider these other data: the reign of King David, the age of Christ, the latitude of Nazareth or Megiddo, presumed future place of the Armageddon battle.

33... We were already witnesses of Iraqi or Afghan wars. This year we'll have three wars: the Libyan one, including the symbolic human sacrifices of Colonel Gaddafi or US ambassador unfortunately named Christopher Stevens ("the bearer of the crown of Christ"); the Syrian one, announced by Isaiah, whom, like Ezekiel, follow strictly Israeli political agenda; and the Iranian one which shall take place on this parallel. The Iranian war is linked to a nuclear program, and we know that Los Alamos desert and Nagasaki are located on the 33rd parallel. Not to mention the degree of President Truman, one of the most well-known masons-presidents of USA, who ordered to bomb Japan twice to establish the first version of NWO!

I noticed too the role of this parallel in American history, America being world-famous for her Masonic agenda or her masons' roads. I have some fresh data! The Civil war started on this parallel; Roosevelt died on that parallel, at Warm Springs, Georgia.  We can also emphasize the location of Roswell, famous for its "alien life", which played a very important role in the post-modern agenda, like the Bermudas and their murderous triangle.

In central Asia, we must absolutely underline again the importance of Afghanistan, of the Khyber Pass and the English-Illuminati agenda as it was exposed in Kipling's' masterworks. For the "Great Game", with his chequered earth and his strange landmarks basically deals with the 33rd parallel. The crown of India reposes firmly on the troubled places of Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Not to mention the always serviceable Tibet, full of enlightened, monks and agents, and submitted to the British aura. Well, many have so good reasons to concentrate their efforts on our favourite line.

Their line is gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world.

                                                                                    (Psalms, 19, 4)

 While I was meditating these facts, it occurred to me that the famous Great Game, which opposed England to Russia in the nineteenth century, was also located on the thirty-third parallel. Think of the recent Russian-Afghan war, go and watch for instance Charlie Wilson's wars, with Tom Hanks, a discreet movie which deals honestly with this secret war. So the 33rd parallel is, if I can say, everywhere. It is like a magic line in a world full of mysteries. And don't forget that Caesar, Alexander the Great, the Mongols and some great invaders battled and travelled along this parallel.

I write "travel along", for a few dictators or invaders didn't dare to cross the line: so did Napoleon who stopped in Egypt (and were you explained why?) and Hitler, always trying to please his English aggressor (we shall see why one day), who let the African Corps with just one division in Libya. Hitler preferred absurdly to invade Russia than overcome his southern complex and occupy Far East. I am sure we can find a similar case with Genghis Khan and the Mogul hordes for rational and irrational, for climatic and for magic reasons.

But let's be more pragmatic and material-oriented. The 33rd parallel is certainly a magic line for the Illuminati. They dream everywhere of pyramids, pentagons, new rules, orders and ciphers. But it's not only a toy. It has been since a long time a border between North and South, between the richest part of the planet and the south, the former third world. In North America, it marks the limits between rich America and poor Mexico. In the Mediterranean area, it marked the limits between Muslim and Christian World later, between the rich North and the poor and colonized South. It also marked a limit between the White and the Coloured people.

The dictators who were tolerated in Egypt, Libya, or Tunisia served this mere purpose: the security of the rich and white Europe. They were the guardians of the lines. I interviewed an Intelligence expert once, who became then a prix Goncourt, and had compared our situation with that of Roman Empire: it was the empire against the barbarians. Like every time. It was at the beginning of the nineties. The 33rd parallel would then be the magic line that separated North form South, Europe form Africa and America from Mexico and "real America", that is, native America. The Romans called this protective line the limes.

As we know, all this limits are fading away, thanks to economical and political agenda. Immigration is coming massively to Europe since the European construction betrayed old continent and technically deconstructed it. Yet the same fate has stricken North America and even Israel which had to welcome this year thousands of sub-Saharan immigrants. The North, in America like in Europe is becoming poor, and the South (of the 33rd parallel) is becoming richer, thanks mainly to its oil. People are mixing and/or fighting every where along this line, and it looks like if some ones had tried to light a giant stake for a nightmarish future. Only some people acknowledge it, some laugh, some cry, and nobody will stop the bloody machine and inflamed parallel.

Here I had forgotten the esoteric (or Illuminati) agenda. But now I come back to it, for in masonry nothing is as important as important as lines and landmarks. See Kipling, the designer of NOW, who dreams with his king of his 33rd parallel's empire: and see too the famous Albert Pike, who has predicted the three world wars to unify the planet under his global banner. About the latter triumph of Islam he admired like Patton, Napoleon and many soldiers, Pike wrote these words: When Christianity had grown weak, profitless, and powerless, the Arab Restorer and Iconoclast came, like a cleansing hurricane...The faith of the Arab had become stronger than that of the Christian, and he conquered.

Pike talked of the first Moslem wave. There is a new wave which destroys entire Arabic countries. We can just pray for the Christian and Muslim victims of the Dark brotherhoods and other "Freedom Fighters", and contemplate with disgust what the American counsellor and conspirator Michael Ledeen calls "creative destruction".

We haven't finished yet with our ominous parallel. Because the world of Albert Pike is a little bit more sinister than the Christian one that we're forced to leave. See these lines.

A ring supported by two serpents was emblematical of the world, protected by the power and wisdom of the Creator; and that is the origin of the two parallel lines (into which time has changed the two serpents), that support the circle in our Lodges.

Hold the line! And hope someone will stop Saul's troops on their way to Damascus.

Nicolas Bonnal 




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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov