Baltic Anomaly: Gateway to where, when or what?

It started on June 1, when the Ocean X-team led by divers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg from Sweden set out on board the vessel Ancylus from Norrtälje harbour to examine a mysterious disc-shaped object 275 feet below the surface, between Sweden and Finland. What they discovered in the depths of the Baltic Sea produced more questions than answers

The team went down to the murky depths of the Baltic Sea to investigate a mysterious mushroom-shaped disc on top of a stone pillar which rises eight metres from the sea bed, 60 metres thick. The circumference of the disc measures 180 metres and it is 4 metres thick. It is a perfect circle. On top there is a spherical object measuring 4 metres in diameter and numerous burnt areas, which look like hearths or fireplaces. The burnt areas are spherical.

What is more amazing is what 3-D sonar scans have revealed inside the object: smooth walls and corridors and a staircase leading downwards. There is a 25-cm. hole on top of the dome and something that looks like a runway leading up to it 1,500 metres long. Peter Lindberg states that the object is either man-made or else a redesigned and restructured natural formation.

"When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film" - Dennis Åsberg - Ocean Explorer Co-Founder.

The walls inside the structure are perfectly straight and at right-angles to the floor. But this is not all. 200 metres away is the second anomaly, described by the divers as a structure which looks like a Gothic church window. The team could not see any more details because the Baltic Sea has a lot of sediment and diving time was short.

The team also found that the main structure interfered with their equipment. Nothing electronic worked in an area of 200 metres around the object. Neither satellite phones, nor video cameras.

Another dive is going to take place in two weeks, this time with scientific experts on board.

The question posed: The Baltic Anomaly is a gateway to where, or what? And when was it formed? Maybe the answer to these questions is, we are not alone.

Timofei Belov


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey