Samsung unveils Transparent Smart Windows

Samsung unveiled its transparent 46-inch LCD Smart Window panels at CES 2012 show, Vesti.Ru reports.

The lighting, which is an inseparable part of any LCD display is only used during the dark time of the day. During the daytime, the panel uses the light that comes from the sun or from the room illumination.

The South Korean electronic giant promised to establish the production of such transparent panels until the end of January 2012. In the future, the Transparent Smart Windows will change the common way of looking at things. It may act as a fridge door, a sensor shop-window and as the virtual blinds that regulate the flow of light into the room. The panel may work as an electronic sign, an information display or the screen of a medical device.

The panel fully functions like a touch screen. The screen supports the resolution of 1.366х768 pixels, has the contrast coefficient of 4500:1. More importantly, the new gadget uses only one-tenth of the power consumed by a common LCD panel of the same size.

The prices for the new transparent 46-inch Smart Windows have not been unveiled yet. According to Display Bank, the market of transparent displays will grow to $900 million by 2015 and to 87 billion - by 2025.

The new Smart Windows will continue the line of 22-inch transparent LCD panels, which Samsung launched in production in March 2011. 

Samsung unveils Transparent Smart Windows

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov