Sex to become electronic in 2030

Sex to become electronic in 2030. 45934.jpegBritish futurologist Ian Pearson believes that people will not need to have sex already in 2030. To experience orgasm and other pleasant sensations that occur during sex people would only have to apply microchips on their skin. The chips will record the signals from the central nervous system received during sex and then simply play them again any moment, when needed.

The scientist is certain that such sensors will become available for all in the near future. The sensors will be sophisticated enough to detect and map the collection of stimuli that create certain sensory experiences - be it someone shaking your hand, hugging you, or having sex with you. Afterwards, the sensors will stimulate your nervous system to create illusions of warmth, pressure and movement.

If someone wants to experience all pleasures of sex, but has no partner for it at this particular moment, they will be able to go to a special parlor to experience the electronic version of sex.

Moreover, Pearson believes that it will be possible to implant such sensors into the brain. As a result, any person will be able to have an orgasm without sex. One would only need to press the right button on the computer. The computer will wirelessly send signals to the sensor to stimulate the groups of neurons responsible for orgasm.

The British researcher is certain that the sensors will give people an opportunity to feel and understand partners better in real life situations. He is certain that anyone who has such chips will be able to experience both their own and their partners' sensations.

As soon as the technology becomes real, it will become a commercially successful project. The technology will find demand among the companies that sell sex on the phone and on the Internet. Moreover, it will be possible to sell sex feelings of celebrities.

According to Pearson, such a forecast is not jut a fantasy. It can be technologically possible already. He refers to a recent experiment conducted by the scientists from Berkeley, California. The scientists captured the visual activity of the human brain and reconstructed it as video clips with the help of the MRI machine.

"This is a major leap toward reconstructing internal imagery. We are opening a window into the movies in our minds," Jack Gallant, a neuroscientist at UC California said.

The researchers randomly picked 18 million seconds of YouTube videos. They also modeled the picture that the MRI machine was supposed to show for this or that video. Surprisingly, the results of modeling and scanning were nearly identical.

We may find it difficult to explain whether mankind needs artificial sex if every adult person may have real sex to receive real sensations. It is quite possible, though, that humanity will have to control both the birth rate and the sexual activity of the society. In this case artificial sex will come in handy, of course.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov