Extraterrestrial Spaceships Land and Crash on Earth Regularly

Some researchers believe that there are specific areas on Earth where UFOs land on a regular basis. Often these alien “cosmodromes” sit on top of or inside mountains. One of those mysterious places is Mount El-Taire in Bolivia.

“The mountains here in Bolivia, like in neighboring lands, are rich in mineral deposits,” Yuri Suprunenko, Ph.D., told Pravda.Ru. “There are deposits of tin, tungsten, zinc, lead, antimony, silver, and precious metals.

But it so happened that hundreds of miners have witnessed rare metals that have fallen from the sky. Not just rare, but extraordinary and unprecedented alloys! But these were not meteorites. The events took place in the Bolivian village of La Mamoru Tarija, near the foot of Mount El-Taire, in May of 1978."

That day, according to Yuri Suprunenko, local residents saw something unusual. A bright lit object in the form of a cylinder with a cone-shaped front part appeared in the sky. It was approximately 6 meters long and 4 meters in diameter. It had no wings. There was not much on its surface and no hatches or portholes. A bluish flame came out from its tail. It made a whistling sound as it was no more than a hundred meters from the ground to an object, but it descended at a speed of 300-400 km/h.

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According to some eyewitnesses, a second similar object came flying right after the first one. Meanwhile, the first one, without reducing its speed, had crashed into a mountainside of El-Taire. At the moment of impact, a bright flash of light appeared, illuminating the area in a radius of 150 km around, there was a terrible roar. The tremors were felt even in the neighboring Argentina. A rpessure wave blew out windows in homes in a radius of 70 km. The blast has formed a crater about 1,500 meters long, 500 meters wide and 400 meters deep.

Local authorities did not provide any explanation and ordered to immediately cordon off the area of Mount El-Taire with troops and declare it a forbidden zone. However, local people, tourists and researchers discussed the theories of a UFO crash.

Incidentally, crashes of alleged unidentified flying objects with “evidence” occurred in the past. For example, in neighboring Brazil, near Sao Paulo in 1957 a shiny disc flying at high speed was observed. In front of a witness, it suddenly began to decline, then stopped, rocked and exploded, scattering thousands of tiny pieces.

On a clear day glowing fireworks soared in the sky. Part of the fallen debris was collected by local residents. The material was light as paper, with a rough surface. Several Brazilian laboratories conducted a spectral analysis of these fragments. It showed the presence of magnesium with special crystal structure impossible to obtain in terrestrial conditions. Metallographic and microscopic analysis, in turn, revealed a significant content of strontium, which is usually not combined with magnesium.

"The Brazilian incident is recorded in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which usually does not dare publish unverified facts. In the postwar years, several dozen of similar cases were recorded in different parts of the world!” says Yuri Suprunenko. “Over 70 thousand UFO photographs were made, and over 120 video clips were recorded.

Today, many of this documentary evidence are available to the public. But until recently the information was classified “Top Secret,” “Restricted,” “Highly Confidential” and “View-Only” ... The main reason for this super-secrecy was the rivalry of countries in the area of weapons.

The explosion on the slope of El-Taire also received “confidential” status. After the mountain was cordoned off with the troops, a special commission has been established to investigate the causes of incident.

An object of cylindrical shape with a deformed body was found on El-Taire . No explanation followed: either one object exploded, or the second one was found on the slope. The object caused this powerful explosion, but somehow survived. The survey and the conclusions about the nature of the explosion have never been published.

People in the mining town at the foot of El-Taire just heard a rumor that the deformed shell of the UFO was delivered by helicopter to the Bolivian airport, and from where it was sent with a military transport aircraft to the U.S.

"Maybe with time we will learn more about the incident in the El-Taire," says Yuri Suprunenko.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov