Author`s name Alex Naumov

Russian man invents unbreakable locking device

Alexander Gladkikh, a man from the Omsk region, invented and patented a unique locking device.

“In less than a year we are to complete this locking device and put it into mass production. However, there still remains the main problem – to find investors,” the project head Vadim Kruch says.

“The niche of locking devices is empty now. None of the Russian companies produces any good high quality locks today.”

The author of more than fifty various inventions, Alexander Gladkikh refused to reveal the idea of his latest invention. As he said, the lock is simple, as well as all genious things, but it essentially differs from all modern devices and can be both of mechanical and electronic kind.

“The mechanical device is based on the arithmometer principle. Such a lock can be opened only with the original key. The lock defines immediately when someone wants to break it,” says Leonid Smirnov, the lock’s designer.

This unique locking device has a very wide field of application – it can be used in apartments, offices, garages and safes. It can even be mounted in car doors.

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