Author`s name Alex Naumov

Torsion armor to make Belarusian tanks indestructible

The tanks of Belarus will soon become indestructible with the help of torsion armor. It will not be possible to design a weapon against this armor because modern science does not know how a non-existence screen can protest a tank.

The project of the torsion armor is being developed at the International Institute for Theoretical and Applied Physics.

Torsion is a mathematical structure constituent, which describes the space-time geometry of Einstein’s Relativity Theory. Torsion describes the twisting of space; these values are always equal to zero within the scope of the relativity theory.

There cannot be any article found in any scientific journal to find out how zero values developed fluctuations and in which way they could be helpful in achieving the strength of the armor.

The “torsion scientists” with Russian “academician” Gennady Shipov at the head, have written a number of research works in which they gave bright illustrations of the use of torsion screens in various branches – from information technologies to agriculture, reports.

We can only hope that there will be a more reliable way found to defend the armor of the Russian tanks. Hopefully, the funds, which the government assigns to enhance the defensive ability of the nation, will not be wasted on ridiculous projects.

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