Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Mankind to experience grand revolution in scientific achievements during the next 5 years

IBM specialists presented their Next Five in Five Report. The document gives a scientific forecast for the development of five achievements that may show great influence on how common people live, work and spend their free time. The fantastic changes are slated to happen very soon, during the upcoming five years, reports.

The list of most perspective innovations of the near future includes:

- technologies to transform solar power into electricity;
- live communication on the Internet;
- personal digital sales assistants;
- medics will learn to predict diseases and prevent their development;
- the capacity of human memory will be expanded with the help of special technologies.

The technologies to transform the solar power are expected to enter a whole new level. It will be possible to use solar batteries in paint, house blocks and house roofs, windows and even clothes. Experts say that photovoltaic modules will become 100 times thinner, and it will be possible to use them everywhere.

Doctors will learn to predict health risks during the next five years to protect patients against the development of diseases and ailments. Medicine will reach such a level owing to new discoveries in the human DNA structure. In addition, the breakthrough will let pharmaceutical companies create more effective medications.

The typical web surfing which people practice nowadays will become history. It will be possible to surf the web without the keyboard and the mouse - they will be replaced with human voice. New technologies will make a fundamental change in the perception of information and its creation.

Digital sales assistants will oust humans from grocery and clothing stores. Fitting rooms will be outfitted with sensor displays that will help customers make quick decisions about the size and the model of a new jacket, a new pair of shoes, etc. Most likely, the development of such assistants will be based on mobile communication technologies.

It will also be very easy to remember many phone numbers at once. Technologies will allow to record, save and analyze important details in the human memory.