Author`s name Alex Naumov

Russians spend 40 dollars to build UFO

For the last 6 months a growing number of UFOs have appeared in Altai region, Russia.

One of the witnesses reveals the details of the day when he faced the unidentified flying object.

On December 10, 2007 he was going down the road to Slavgord. He was passing Priganka village, when was suddenly terrified by a strange white cloud in the sky. At first the man took it for an ordinary cell-station lantern. But having looked up he realized that the light from the cloud spread for about a mile. Too scared to drive through, the witness tried to find a bypass, but on the way to the road he accidentally hit the night keeper’s house. Neither the night keeper knew what the strange neon light was.

One of Internet users explains it in this way: “All these witnesses saw what some people call “sky light”. That Sky light is nothing but a burn covered by a piece of light fabric. Such device can go high up in the air and fly for about 20 minutes. Need proof? That’s going to cost you some 1000 rubles ($40).

Local UFO-specialist will perhaps organize investigative experiment in order to finally reveal the truth.


Translated by Lena Popina