Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Small village in Russian province becomes great attraction to ufologists

An unidentified flying object appeared for the first time in the sky above the village of Molebka in the Perm region of Russia 15 years ago. The anomalous phenomena that have been observed in the area ever since have earned the reputation of the Russian Bermuda Triangle for the village. Foreign ufologists dubbed the place as Zone-M.

The anomalous territory near the village of Molebka is a place on the border between the Perm and the Sverdlovsk regions of the Russian Federation. All local residents believe the anomalous stories told across villages and towns in the area.

Pavel Gladyshev, a specialist in nuclear physics, a native of Molebka, lived in the city of Perm and returned to his home village after retirement.

“I have seen the strange objects in the sky on several occasions. As a physicist I can say that they do not look like man-made objects. I didn’t believe any of those stories until I saw the flying ball myself. That year I was working in the field making hay. We started early in the morning at 4 a.m. All of a sudden we saw another moon in the sky above the field. The ball was throwing dim light on the field, which game shivers to me and my partner. I counted seven beams of light coming down from the ball. When the ball disappeared we came to our senses and tried to work but it seemed all so hard and heavy. I became physically weak for two days.

UFOs have not honored Molebka with their presence for quite a while, but the anomalous zone continues to attract people’s attention. An esoteric company charges about 60 dollars for a trip to the anomalous zone. Local residents do not understand those people who come to their village from cities to conduct training sessions on ufology. Old-timers say that their native village has turned into a place of Sabbath.

Foreign specialists refer to the anomalous area near Molebka as Zone-M. German film-makers made a documentary about the anomalous phenomena in the area. The film stirred up a controversy and attracted even more attention to the small village. However, locals say that the film-makers used the anomalous stories as a cover-up to make a film about the hard life in a Russian province.

Elena Trokhova