Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Putin prepares for his sixth and last live communication with Russians

President Putin will start his traditional communication with the nation at midday of October 18. It will be his sixth live communication with ordinary Russians. However, it will be Putin’s last initiative of the kind as the president and his first appearance as a State Duma candidate.

The call center has already received about 1.5 million questions from people during the recent four days. Last year the conference continued for 2 hours 54 minutes. People are mostly interested in the issues of social security, anti-corruption struggle and housing programs. Several thousands of questions touch upon Russia’s relations with other countries and the nation’s role in the world.

Some people ask Putin if he feels that the remaining time of his stay in the office will not be enough to do something important for the country. Those sending their questions to the president through the Internet are more specific in their inquires: “Why are there so many bootleg DVDs in Russia, even in authorized music and film stores in Moscow? What do you think about the censorship of the Russian Internet? Do you think the government should watch the Russian part of the world wide web like they do it in China and some other countries?

People from remote regions of Russia will also be able to ask their questions to the president during the live broadcast of the TV and radio conference. The television connection will be established between the Kremlin and the call center in Moscow that collects people’s questions for the president. Several lucky viewers will be able to ask Putin their questions on the phone.

Vladimir Putin believes that such live conferences with people are most efficient in terms of communication with ordinary Russians. “It gives a perfect opportunity to understand people’s problems. It is extremely useful for the people, the president and the authorities in general,” he said.

As a rule, the president prepares a list of orders for the government and local authorities after such live conferences. Last year, the list contained 12 paragraphs.

Today Putin will appear in the TV studio as the president and as the leader of the United Russia party.