Russia Tower to become tallest in Europe when completed in 2012

The construction of the Rossiya (Russia) Tower on the territory of Moscow International Business Center will kick off on September 18, 2007, said Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, in an interview to Interfax news agency. The Moscow mayor broke the news last week while meeting representatives of foreign companies that partake in the Moscow International Business Association.

“The construction of the Rossiya Tower will go under way on Tuesday, September 18th,” said Luzhkov. He said the high-rise would stand more than 600 meters tall. “The tower foundation is already in place,” Luzhkov added. “The construction of the Federation Towers, which is the tallest building in Europe, has been already completed in Moscow City. The Rossiya Tower is slated to be one of the tallest buildings in the world,” the mayor said. Luzhkov called on the members of the Moscow International Business Association to invest in the development of the so-called Big City, the Russian capital’s another business district, which would be built following the completion of Moscow City. “We’ll be developing Big City once Moscow City is complete. You’re welcome to invest in the project if you’re interested in it,” Luzhkov said.

The Rossiya tower will be built on the parcel N17-18 within the limits of the Moscow International Business Center otherwise known as Moscow City. The tower will reach 612 meters high. Its 118 floors will enclose a total area of 470.9 thousand square meters. A completion date is slated for 2012. The tower has been designed by the noted architect Norman Foster and his firm Foster and Partners. The tower’s slender volume will narrow toward the top. The building will comprise a simple tripartite structure joined around a spine. The fan-shaped pillars supporting each wing of the tower made the use of bearers in its floors unnecessary. The design characteristics of the building meet the requirements for multilevel apartments.

The tower’s lower floors will be used for office and retail space. The uppermost floors will be designated for residential and hotel use. Three separate entrances will allow access to office, residential and hotel area of the tower. An underground passage will connect the tower’s malls and the central part of Moscow City.

The Rossiya Tower, a mixed-use complex based on the principle “city within a city”, will contain office and retail space, a hotel, residential area and underground parking. An observation deck will be located at the top of the building. The tower will have direct access to the city’s metro and third-ring transport system.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

Author`s name Alex Naumov