Russia is commissioning new air based missiles

One of the top priority directions of the development of Russia’s strategic aviation is commissioning the newest air based high precision long range cruise missiles. According to the Commander of the Russian Air Forces general-colonel Alexander Zelin strategic aircraft has always been and remain the main component of the Air Force, part of the strategic nuclear forces and the basic mean of defeating important objects in the territory of the potential enemy, the most universal and mobile type of nuclear deterrence in the multi-polar world. Skilful and timely use of the strategic aviation is viewed by the Russian commanders as one of the basic means of national security today and in the foreseeable future.

Today strategic aviation of the Russian Air Force is commissioning a new type of cruise missiles having longer range, extremely low altitude and the minimal reflecting surface, making them practically invisible for the radars. The press service of the Russian Air Force informed that the planes of the Russian strategic aviation during three days had exercises in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The pilots perfected the methods of interaction with the fighter aircraft, getting through the air defense of the opponent. Tu-95 and Tu-160 tested launching high precision bombs and cruise missiles in the test field Pemboi (near Vorkuta).

Nearly at the same time it was officially confirmed that the upgraded fighter-interceptor Mig-31 is got a new far range air-to-air missile. Official sources of the Russian Air Force insist that the upgraded Mig-31 can successfully suppress the most advanced means of air attack existing in the armed forces of the leading nations. Its modernized control system of arms allows using guided AA missiles at the range of up to 200 km. The new missile is said to outperform any foreign match.

This was one of the main reasons why earlier the Commander of the Air Force Zelin said that the 4th generation Mig-31 can sufficiently resist even the appearing 5th generation combat aircraft. Its combat efficiency is 1.4-4 times higher than of the basic model, depending on the parameter. The upgraded fighter can fight stealth cruise missiles, small sized UAVs and even perspective hypersonic aircraft. Serial upgrade of Mig-31 has been already started in Russia. It forms a good foundation for suggesting export proposals. One of the potential customers is Kazakhstan, having a big stock of Mig-31 fighters.

Yuri Seleznev

Author`s name Alex Naumov