New political ideology in Russia has no chances to appear

Russians have split in their opinions regarding the current living standard in the country. Some say that life has become much better and easier, whereas others still have fear of tomorrow.

Sociologists say that almost 50 percent of the Russian population have adapted themselves to capitalism. About 20 percent of people hope that they will develop the same feeling in near future. There are objective reasons for it: the gradual increase of wages, pensions, allowances, etc.

However, the majority of Russian people still feel very uncertain of their future. Both wealthy and common Russians criticize the Russian government. The rich are scared of losing their property, and the poor do not understand the reason for communal prices to go up and up again taking into consideration immense profits Russia receives from oil imports. Buying an apartment still remains an incredibly difficult goal to accomplish for common people in Russia.

The pro-Kremlin party, United Russia, is trying to create the ideology that would meet people’s demands and smooth out the recent problems, which Russia had to experience in winter. The party enjoys the support of over 12 percent of Russians, although the Communist Party can boast of a similar number of supporters.

Sociologists from Levada Center found out that United Russia would receive only three percent of votes if parliamentary elections in Russia took place today. It is not ruled out that people have lost faith in declarations and promises. People start judging on the level of democracy on the base of prices in stores, the attitude they see in officials’ offices and so on. The people are not blind: they can see how governmental officials save more and more fortune and give others only a glimmer of hope for the better.

The people begin to understand the difference between politics and political games. For example, the authorities decided to move the Constitutional Court headquarters from Moscow to St.Petersburg. It is obviously not the most important thing to do for a start taking into consideration the fact that over 60 percent of Russians do not even hope for fair courts.

Which ideology can obtain popularity in Russia if many Russians believe that democracy was perfect during Leonid Brezhnev’s time in the USSR. Many would like to have another Stalin in power instead of Putin. Television corrupts teenagers with violence and permissiveness. To crown it all, many Russians think of police as a threat to their own security.

The people will not believe the government as long as drinking alcohol remains the main entertainment for people and corrupted officials continue buying mansions for themselves. Any talks about the new ideology have absolutely no point against such a background.

Arguments and Facts

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov