Russian paratroopers to acquire a unique fighting machine

In 2005 some divisions of Russia's Airborne troops will be equipped with a new kind of commando's fighting machine BMD-4. The new piece of equipment has no analogues in the world, informs Airborne troops Commander Alexander Kolmakov.

"To the overall appeasement of our commandos, an absolutely revolutionary new machine has been developed and sometime this year it will find its way into our divisions, stated he. According to Kolmakov, BMD-4 has no Western analogies mainly because of the fact that in addition to rather complex technical characteristics, the machine is capable of landing on its own. “Actually, all of our technical equipment possesses similar advanced characteristics; no other country in the world can claim the same,” said he.

Kolmakov also informed that special alloys are used in the production of BMD-4; this in turn enables the device to be highly powerful and at the same time rather light. “The machine possess all technical characteristics one can think of: it floats, it is lightweight and powerful. It’s exterior resembles that of BMD-3 but with a number of innovations; it is also equipped with a 100-mm canon,” notified Kalmakov. According to him, possession of BMD-4 will significantly enhance fighting capacity of Russia’s airborne troops.

Earlier, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov suggested to tighten security over anti-aircraft missile complexes (aamc) to keep them away from terrorists.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov