New Russian dissidents knock down Putin's regime

The nation might be returned to those “happy” Yeltsin's years

Spokespeople for democratic movements, which have been cast aside from the Russian political life, gathered for a meeting at one of most expensive hotels in Moscow, Ararat Hayat. Rather enthusiastically, albeit senselessly, they announced about the preparation of the grand undertaking, the goal of which was to struggle against Putin's “anti-national” regime. It goes about a forum of public forces, which will touch upon the main issue of “new Russian dissidents” – the delinquency of the authorities and the urgent need to remove them.

”Democrats are ready to unite with communists” for the sake of this “great deed” as Mr. Nadezhdin from the Union of Rightist Forces (known as SPS) put it. According to Nadezhdin, it is a demonstration of desperate unification of various political antagonists in front of the common national threat. PR manager Ms. Litvinovich paid everyone's attention to the venue of the forthcoming undertaking. According to her, it would be a cult place, human rights activists and opposition figures' former platform.

Needless to say that it was not Ms. Litvinovich, who chose the venue. Taking into consideration the fact that the “London resident” Boris Berezovsky and prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky can not boast of having rich imagination, one may presume that it goes about the conference building of Berezovsky's Logovaz company, where semi-bankers used to sit and govern the country during Yeltsin's era. Furthermore, taking into consideration the fact that the above-mentioned meeting took place in the luxury 5-star hotel, one may assume that the undertaking will take place in London, where both leftist and rightist politicians are used to holding their arrangements.

However, as it became known from a source in the headquarters to prepare the meeting, the “cult place” will be one of Moscow's renowned theatres, the Taganka Theatre. If the theatre's director refuses to hold the undertaking in his theatre, it will be possible to arrange the meeting at the Palace of Culture of the Moscow Factory of Electric Lamps.

It is an open secret that a past tragedy repeats again as farce only. On the one hand, it is ridiculous to see the same group of ten or fifteen people producing dozens of public organizations, exercising the scale and even the epic capacity of protesting efforts. It is hilarious to read about communists' antagonism, with Yabloko and SPS factions, for example, because their common bosses set identical goals for them for good money. Apparently, oligarchs in disgrace decided to simplify payments and unite everyone in one department. It would be more economical too, which is quite an important factor. It would also be appropriate to laugh at the efforts of our thievish figures as they try to become someone of the elite, under the guise of real historical characters.

However, we have to cry much more often than laugh. A war has not been declared on Putin: it has been declared on each and everyone in the country. As long as oligarchs are trying to break through the Kremlin walls to get hold of the power again, the people will be left to living under the condition of constant political and economic shocks. As a result, the nation might be returned to those “happy” Yeltsin's years, which are currently being represented as the standard of justice and democracy in Russia. The oligarchs made their fortunes during the time of the forgetful elderly president. That was exactly the time, when ten people divided the whole nation between themselves, when countless millions were wired to Chechnya, when tanks shelled the house of the Russian parliament to the amazement of the world community. Are there any military actions planned in the current scenario?

Pyotr Ermilin

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Author`s name Olga Savka