How much does an average tourist spend in Moscow?

Average foreign tourist is a 42-year-old male, college graduate, frequent Internet user who spends about $900 in the Russian capital. Such “portrait” was presented by head of Moscow's Tourism Committee Gregory Antufeev during his Monday meeting with journalists.

Statistically, he says, total number of foreigners who are willing to travel to Moscow has increased from 37% to 53%. In 2003, nearly 2,5 million foreigners visited Moscow. Among them, 57% were men. As for the age group, those are mainly people between 30 and 50 years of age. Average age of a “camera equipped man” is 42.

In addition, those who visit the capital are highly educated professionals with university degrees (nearly 18%), 11% of students, and only 3% of housewives. Nearly 63% of foreign tourists who come to the capital use Internet regularly.

 Average tourist leaves nearly $900 in Moscow. 34% of the sum he spends on souvenirs, 24% he spends on entertainment and recreation, and 21% he spends on museum tickets and excursions. According to Antufeev, not only does a number of tourist tends to go up with years, but also their positive impression of the Russia's capital.

Antufeev also states that number of tourist from farthest countries such as the United States, Australia, Argentina and China has also risen. In addition, mentions Antufeev, internal tourism develops rapidly as well. All Russian summer resorts are practically 100% full this time of year. This year, total number of tourists can increase by 10%,” says Head of Moscow's Tourism Committee.