Russia to exchange its MIGs for Islamic $$$

Government of Algeria will purchase 50 Russian fighter planes MIG-29SMT for a total of $1,5 billion USD, reports the EFE agency to several diplomatic sources. Later, the information has been confirmed be representatives of Russia's industrial defense organization. The latter noted that all the documents are expected to be signed in the nearest future.

The new MIGs are meant to substitute the old airplanes, which had been acquired back in the Soviet times. The new planes will become an integral component of the country's Air Force. The forth coming deal will be the major Russian-Algerian trade deal since 1992. For the past several years, Algeria has purchased 22 bomber-fighter planes SU-24MK from Russia for a total of $120 million USD as well as 42 helicopters MI-8 for $120 million USD total.

The multifunctional MIG-29SMT is capable of fighting aerial, ground-based and naval targets equally efficient.

Another similar deal is expected to be signed with Yemen. This country intends to purchase 12 helicopters KA-52 “Alligators” from our country for a total of $150 million USD. Obviously, in comparison with the Algerian billions this sum appears to be rather modest. But money is not the issue here. KA-50 helicopters and their modifications are considered the main competitors of American Apache Longbow; however, they are 3-4 times cheaper. Recently, however, they appear to be less marketable.

Russian Air Force cannot afford or simply does not want to purchase the machines from manufacturers, despite the fact that they were intended to be used in Chechnya. In the case the deal with Yemen will be a success, then, according to Russian experts, it will be a real “national disgrace” for our country because some foreign country will get our “Alligators” first.   

Maya Peredotova

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov