Where Russians Keep Money

Russian banks still believe crediting population is risky
About two thirds of Russia's money is deposited in Sberbank (Savings Bank), 63.6 per cent of all deposits which makes up 955 billion rubles; 11.8per cent of deposits (177.5 billion rubles) are placed in ten banks with large assets; 1.4 per cent (20.5 billion rubles) are deposited in foreign banks and the rest are placed in other banks of the country.

Experts say that the structure of the biggest figures on the banking market will not radically change within the nearest time, however foreign banks are likely to strengthen their positions. Today, there are just few foreign banks in this country. In 2002, 80 per cent of all deposits made in foreign banks fell at one bank; the percentage reduced to 60 per cent when one more foreign bank appeared.

It is important that the same banks are involved into the crediting boom that is so widely discussed today. Half of all loans given to the Russian population last year fell at Sberbank, 5,2 per cent - at Russian commercial banks and 5.4 per cent - at foreign banks operating in this country. Experts have arrived at a conclusion that majority of Russian banks still consider bank crediting rather risky and abstain from giving loans to the population.

Author`s name Michael Simpson