Vladimir Putin is not satisfied with the authorities work results in last four years

Vladimir Putin intends to report Russians his accomplishments for the last four years of his presidency.
”I am often asked if I am going to conduct my election campaign and in what way”, said Vladimir Putin at the meeting with his authorized representatives. “I am sure the current Head of State should not start ad campaigns for himself, inventing beautiful fairy-tales being far from the reality of life”.

”However, I am required to report the people and the country what I have accomplished during my presidential term in 2000-2004”, said Vladimir Putin. He also sees reporting people his plans for the next four years of his presidency (if elected) as his duty.

At the beginning of his speech Vladimir Putin thanked all the people who gathered in Moscow State University meeting-room and are ready for team-work. “Certainly, I would like to thank every person who is ready to support me at the coming presidential elections”, he said.
According to Vladimir Putin, in the 1990s Russian authorities were unable to stop “separatist processes” lasting in Russia for several years. At the same time, these processes were supported by international radical organizations and resulted in terrorism in the region of North Caucasus.

Putin explained that he meant Chechnya in the first place. “After signing Khasvyurt agreements on withdrawing Russian troops from this region in 1996, Chechnya and Chechen people were abandoned by Russian authorities. Somebody thought that the horror of civil war was over. However, big gangs of international terrorists felt our weakness and depressing state of the society morale, and were very much impertinent to attack the republic of Dagestan in summer 1999”. 

According to Putin, the purpose of that aggression was “taking over from Russia and involving new regions in criminal activity”. Vladimir Putin does not see the need to explain how dangerous it was both for the Caucasus region and overall Russia. “The example of Yugoslavia tragedy of the country’s break-up is enough to make necessary conclusions”, said Putin.

Vladimir Putin said that he cannot be satisfied with the results of his work for the last four years. “Have we done everything we could in the last four years? Certainly not. Can we be satisfied with the results of our work? No, we can’t”
According to Vladimir Putin, the main purpose of the authorities is improving people’s living standards. "But they can be radically improved only when our economy grows powerful enough not to depend critically on global economic trends or the results of presidential and parliamentary elections”.

Source: RIAN

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova