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Rybkin's conspiracy theory

Mysterious disappearance of Presidential candidate Ivan Rybkin has stirred up a number of rumors about some kind of conspiracy, reports The Guardian.

All of a sudden, Moscow's politician is reported missing. Investigators suspect murder. Soon afterward, the case is being officially closed. Then, they start the case anew. Some time later, Rybkin is being spotted somewhere in Ukraine. He informs that he is immensely sorry to cause so much trouble. A shadowy figure of a media mogul Berezovsky appears in the background.

All of these facts represent mere pieces of a puzzle, of a new Russian conspiracy theory. It is no surprise that seemingly incompatible facts that comprise a single gloomy picture of government (or antigovernment) machinations have turned into a special kind of sport. Numerous facts prove such assumption. Mass media is fully controlled by the Kremlin, Russian parliament actively supports the President who's built political ideology based on importance of secret services, writes The Guardian.

After his short press conference at Sheremetyevo airport, many journalists got the impression that Ivan Rybkin's political career was over. He was extremely reluctant to answer questions. His logic was pathetic. In addition, head of Rybkin's elections campaign Kseniya Ponomareva was ready to resign after her boss announced that he had been “having fun”. Ivan Rybkin’s wife has been exceptionally ruthless. She stated, “Poor Russia, if it will be governed by such people.”

Many journalists noticed Rybkin's theatrical act while interviewing him late Tuesday night. His explanations seemed too absurd and naпve. However, it was obvious that Rybkin paid close attention at what he was saying.

Rybkin's brother-in-arms and his sponsor Boris Berezovsky has also appeared quite puzzled. “This does not seem like Ivan Petrovich could have done this,” commented Berezovsky. “I got a feeling he wasn’t alone when we talked.”

“Ivan Rybkin's visit to Ukraine concerned his health problem,” stated a member of Rybkin's elections campaign Andrei Zavidiya in his interview to “New Izvestia.” According to Zavidiya, his boss went to Kiev due to some serious threat.

At the same time, Rybkin's head of the elections campaign Ksenya Ponamareva made the following statement, “The situation with Kiev remains unclear. We need some time to clear things out.”

Chief of the Duma's Security Committee Vladimir Vasilyev has called Rybkin's disappearance “an ugly and unprofessional” move.

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