Russia Must be Ready for Fighting on its Territory

This is continuous fighting against the international terrorism, against the American military machine that may break out before 2015 and fighting against China's armed forces that may start in 2030
The modern permanent world war is remarkable for its aggressive, merciless, global, systematic and network nature. The war is being waged according to various unprincipled methods; and it will be further waged with application of all possible resources including weapons of mass destruction even though there are no formal reasons, causes and legal grounds for this aggression.

The war is being waged only depending upon US's decisions and its readiness for the war. What is more, we already observe results of the continuous strategic transfer of America's military power into its political and economic effectiveness.

Russia's national elites, mass media, institutions of the government and civil society are the basic weapon of war against Russia. National historical values of Russia, the values of collective existence, have transformed, the values of individual survival determine their anti-national activity.

Only Russia's adequate military power and activity of the nation aimed to preserve its own culture and state system may prevent this progress of events. From a strategic point of view this means that Russia must be ready for straight armed fighting on the national territory. This is continuous fighting against the international (Islamic) terrorism, against the American military machine that may break out before 2015 and fighting against China's armed forces that may start in 2030.

This is strategic timing meant for all activities of the governmental army reforming and other national projects. The conclusion gives a list of types and the scale of wars for participation in which Russia and the Russian armed force must be ready. The war against international terrorism will continue as a rebellious war (of the Chechen and Palestine types); a war against the USA will be a struggle of high-tech military systems; a war against China will require big and modern land forces as this war will consist of defensive and offensive operations meant to protect Russia's territories along the eastern borders.

Readiness of the country and the nation for these wars is the maximal scope of problem that Russia and the Russian society must settle within adequate periods of time.

Vice-president of the Collegium,
Retired Major-General Alexander Vladimirov

Photo: Alexander Vladimirov

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Author`s name Michael Simpson