Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

New Russian jeep “Cowboy” has been launched

Automobile factory for producing new Russian off-road vehicle – 7-seat Derways-3131 Cowboy land-rover has been constructed in the town of Cherkessk, the capital of Karachaevo-Cherkesiya autonomous republic of Russia.
The presentation of the new vehicle is scheduled on January 27. Cowboy is an angular vehicle 4.4 meters long, its shape reminds G-class Mercedes. The vehicle has modernized chassis from Ago off-road vehicle: longeron frame, stiff back axle on springs and autonomous front hanger bracket, transfer gear-box with reducing row. All the other vehicle parts have been designed in Russia.
The vehicle was designed in the record period of 7 months. Its setting-up and the body was developed by Autocond company from the Russian city of Tolyatti where Volzhsky Automobile factory is located. All necessary calculations were made with the use of the methods of dimensional design and requests of passive safety. Tests demonstrated that even after toppling over outside the road the vehicle drive and passengers are protected from serious traumas, ITAR-TASS information agency reported.

The dimensional frame of the body is welded of rectangular pipes continued with flat steel panels. Huge integrated bonnet, wheel arcs, bumpers and inner door panels are made of plastic. A company from Tolyatti is producing paneling for external body. Volzhsky Automobile Factory will produce punching, and later special punching production will be set up.

The vehicle has gasoline engine ZMZ-409 (142 l/sec) or serial engine ZMZ-514 (98 l/sec). Installation of 2-litre turbo Diesel engine Peugeot (90 l/sec) is also possible. Control panel is purchased in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, plastic salon upholstery - in Tolyatti, the bonnet is delivered from the city of Samara. The new automobile factory will made only operations of welding and painting the body, and assembling the vehicle.
The price for the basic model of the vehicle (gasoline ZMZ engine, hydraulic steering control booster, electric window raisers, central lock, seat heating and hatch) will be about 9,000 dollars. Diesel engine Peugeot will make the vehicle 1000 dollars more expensive, air-conditioning will add 1000 more dollars to its price.
This year Cherkessk Automobile Factory will produce 5,000 jeeps, in future the production will increase up to 25 thousand vehicles per year, said Minister of Industry, Transport and Electric Power of Carachaevo-Cherkessiya republic Murat Khatukaev.


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