Tiger Submarine Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Foreign submariners call the submarine "the submarine killer"
Nuclear submarine K-157 (Tiger), project 971 (the serial number 833) was first produced at Sevmashpredpriyatie (Russia's Arkhangelsk Region) ten years ago. Seamen say it is "a cat series" of submarines, while the project 971 is officially coded as Shchuka-B (Pike-B) and has the name Shark-2 in the NATO classification.

Main peculiarity of the "cat series" is the noiseless motion. This is the third-generation submarine where the following submarines also belong: Bars, Vepr (Wild Boar), Leopard, Tiger and so on.

The Tiger submarine that is celebrating the anniversary is one of the modern Russian nuclear cruisers with high speed, maneuverability, silent navigation and various high-precision weapons complexes. The performance characteristics of the submarine are in some respects better than their foreign analogs. Foreign submariners call the submarine "the submarine killer". Last year, Tiger submarine underwent repairs at the shipyard in Severodvinsk and got back to the base. Today, the Tiger crew is ready to carry out new missions.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson