Ten of the most stupid laws in the former USSR in 2003

Not only the USA has funny laws, there are plenty of them in the new independent states of the former USSR.

 In Kazakhstan it is prohibited  to address state officials in foreign languages. If you say: “Sir”  to the official you will have to pay 10 dollar fine at once.
 Turkmenistan. If  you are Turkmen citizen and came to the country capital Ashgebad, it is your obligation to visit the square in front of the President Palace. This is a recent law because the construction of the complex of monuments and fountains was completed only several months ago.  Few real ancient monuments have been preserved in Ashgebad up to nowadays.
Turkmen President Niyazov is a good-humored person. Law prohibits stepping on Turkmen coins and bills because national heroes are depicted on them.
Women are not allowed to drink more than one glass of wine in bars and restaurants.   Law-makers believe that big amount of alcohol makes a woman “morally and sexually unstable”. Breaking this law results in imposing big fine and this is a valid ground for divorce.  
According to Kyrgyz layers, the state had this law for a long time, but then the Soviet authorities cancelled it. All road policemen are obliged to report their bosses all bribes they got during the working day. 
Surprisingly, nobody cancelled the Soviet law forbidding advertising boards placement  at road curbs. This law forbids constructing apartment and public buildings and warehouses in the road area.
Administrative Code adopted in 1984 is still valid in Russia. According this Code, we all commit crimes or at least violate the law. For example, according to point 3 of Article 164 of the Code,  people must pay fine for “contacting foreign citizens with the purpose of purchasing some items”.  It is hard to understand what the importers should do…
 Another article of this Code imposes fine to a person involved in gambling (including cards and roulette) and prosecute those arranging games of such sort.
All this are little things in comparison with the authorities the government has according to Russian Federation law “On requisition and confiscation of property” adopted on March 28, 1927. This law has not been cancelled so far. Article 17 of this law allows to confiscate the property of the persons “who escaped out of the territory of the Republic and did not return by the moment of confiscation”. This means: if you went abroad, and the procurator will be able to prove that you did this for political reasons  all your property can be confiscated if you did not return by the moment of confiscation.
 Article 152 of the Administrative Code strictly prohibits purchasing bread in the bakery for feeding cattle and poultry.
Meanwhile, the USA has funnier laws. Several years ago in Texas the new law was adopted which obliged the criminal to warn the future victim about the planned crime not less than 24 hours in advance. The criminal should give the victim detailed description of the crime. Breaking this rule is considered by court as aggravating circumstance.
Source:  http://vlasti.net  

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova