Boris Grizlov to be elected Government's Speaker

Leader of the "United Russia" political party Boris Grizlov has been elected the Speaker of the State Duma's fourth convocation. Since the party possessed absolute majority of votes in the government, no intrigues of other candidates for the post have been reported.

With required 226 votes, 352 delegates gave their votes for Grizlov. Only 14 were against him and 2 were undecided.
Aside from the candidate from the “United Russia”, there were several other candidates to register for the post.
“United Russia”- party's leader Boris Grizlov,
“Rodina”- party's co-chairman Dmitry Rogozin,
“LDPR” – party's leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky,
“KPRF” - vice chairperson Ivan Melnikhov.
Each candidate had a right to address the Duma with an official statement. Boris Grizlov has stated that he will respect the rights of all political parties in the State Duma as well as of the independent parliamentarians in case he wins the elections. “In case of my victory, I will not be inclined to violate delegates' rights from other political parties,” noted Grizlov.

He also reminded everyone of the fourth Duma's convocation. In addition, Grizlov stated that “this is the first time that a parliamentary majority has been formed on the basis of a solitary party.” Grizlov said that the party (“United Russia”) participated in the December elections only with those goals outlined by the Russian president Vladimir Putin. The party intends to “keep all of its initial promises and to reach all the goals.”

Also, he remarked that such issues as education, medical insurance, providing homes for Russians, salary increase, pensions and social grants are all on the party’s most important “To Do List.”

“The State Duma is not a playground for political squabble. It is a place for constructive and effective government’s activity,” remarked Grizlov.

There are four registered political fractions in today's State Duma. “United Russia” includes 300 delegates from 447 prospective ones. It has been reported that Boris Grizlov had "KPRF"'s leader Gennady Zyuganov registered 52 delegates. “LDPR” has 32 delegates and “Rodina” fraction counts 36 delegates including the party's leader Sergey Glazyev. There are also 23 registered independent delegates in the State Duma.  


Source: Newsru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov