Zhirinovsky will not run for president

LDPR party leader will not be a candidate for Russia’s top chair

“Juristically, I will not be a candidate for presidency. I will personally speak to voters, using all paid and free means for propaganda of LDPR and to bring its position to electorate”, claimed Zhirinovsky at the 15th LDPR congress.

The party will still select one of 4 candidates to run for presidency from LDPR: either Boris Kurdiumov, Oleg Malyshkin, Sergey Abeltsev or Aleksey Tchernyshev.

In explanation of his decision, Zhirinovsky said that a political party should be flexible, ready to maneuver, evaluate situation in country correctly, react adequately to both victories and defeats.

“There should be no personal cult, no worshipping to a leader. We should show to the country that LDPR is a party of patriots and democrats at the same time”, he told in his speech at the congress.

Zhirinovsky also added that teamplay principles should be employed; this is why LDPR is to choose its candidate by secret ballot. He promised to support the elected with all his power.

He will voice his preference after the candidate is elected. Zhirinovsky said he favoured his son, Igor Lebedev, leader of LDPR in Duma, but he’s too young – not yet 35, so can not participate in presidential campaign.

Zhirinovsky can not be seen as lacking ambitions, and it seems he possesses enough wisdom too: why should he weaken his reputation, if the name of future (and current) president is known? The main reason is that Kremlin was frightened by Zhirinovsky’s prophecy that should communists and democrats refused participating in elections, Putin and himself will be the two in the final round, and the current president would win 60 to 40 per cent.

Yes, in our sick society Zhirinovsky is in fact the second popular candidate after Putin, leaving behind Zuganov by many polls and in some polls losing Shoigu only (but Shoigu will not participate in the campaign). So if Zuganov would not participate, Zhirinovsky and Putin are the only two real candidates. The government is not interested in this, as influential international arbiters may see this as inability of Russian authorities to organize normal political process and basic democratic principles in the country.

If such a politic takes the second place in presidential campaign, it means that such things are supported by great part of the population. Conclusions are obvious.

Bearing in mind that Zhirinovsky has always played by Kremlin’s rules during his political career, one can be certain that he received orders from Kremlin to keep away from the campaign.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov