Dutch journalists Union asks for work for Grigory Pasko

Hans Verploeg, secretary of Dutch journalists union NVJ asks Dutch media to consider contracting Russian journalist Grigory Pasko as Russian correspondent.

 Pasko was freed after international pressure on the Russian government in January 2003. He was serving a sentence for selling misuse of his position. Pasko reported as naval captain an military journalist for Boyevaya Vakhta the dumping of nuclear waste in sea in 1993.

Pasko was arrested in 1997 and convicted later on. His arrest and conviction resulted in much international turnmoil and pressure on the Russian government. “As military correspondent Pasko came forward not afraid to tell about the enormous dumping of nuclear waste by the Russian navy”, praises Verploeg the courage of Pasko. “This year, after serving 2/3 of his 4 year sentence he was released after international pressure. He is now with no means of existence”, The Dutch union secretary tells. After his release Pasko worked for a magazine on environmental laws, Pasko told Amnesty International. These days he is without a job. Now the international community rallies again for Pasko to get him a job as correspondent for Dutch newspapers and magazines. Verploeg asks interested editors to contact him.