Author`s name Pavel Morozov

Putin: small and medium business will combat poverty

Vladimir Putin believes that government and entrepreneurs have not done enough to develop small and medium sectors of business. President voiced this opinion at meeting of Commerce and Industry Chamber.

“Small and medium business can help us such problem as liquidation of poverty”, said Putin. He underlined that “business society possesses not only economical, but great creative, expert potential”.

“Often this resource is used to lobby narrow corporate interests, or to search tax optimization schemes”, added President. “I think it is the time to work together on investment component of such areas as education, health and ecology”

Vladimir Putin also noted that past years’ experience clearly demonstrated that business should not can not avoid solving social problems.

“Moreover, it is profitable for business to participate in projects on improving workplace and life of employees, and soon business will participate in state social programs as well”, Putin commented.

The president underscored in the end that successful solving of painful social questions is “our mutual task”

[photograph courtesy of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Magnum]

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