Kasyanov's dream

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov hopes that Japan will build a car manufacturing plant in Russia.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has stated in his interview that Russia is interested in developing its ties with Japan. During his most recent visit to Japan, Prime Minister has also talked about current developments in Sakhalin. The project “Sakhalin-2” for instance, acquires about 250 million USD in investments monthly. Kasyanov has also expressed Russia’s interest in constructing several plants in Japan. Russia and Japan are currently discussing construction of a new plant of Natural Gas extraction plant in Irkutsk region. Similar projects have been already perfected in Japan.    

Kasyanov has also talked about the need to tighten security to avoid future development of smuggled seafood. According to an earlier report, both parties intend to sign a mutual agreement to activate all the resources aimed at anti-poaching in the North-West region of the Pacific Ocean. 
According to Kasyanov, an oil pipeline Angarsk-Nakhodka can in no way be considered an alternative to the “local” oil pipeline Angarsk-Datsin (China). Angarsk-Datsin already possesses needed resources. Angarsk-Nakhodka pipeline on the contrary, “has been constructed with new oilfields in mind.” Construction of a new oil pipeline (in Nakhodka) will serve as a special stimulus for the overall development of the Far East, said Kasyanov. 

More so, negotiations have been held regarding Russia joining the WTO. Kasyasnov has noted that from political standpoint, Japan supports Russia’s intentions. However, there still remain two or three technical aspects that need to be discussed first. Also, this has to do with access of foreign car dealers to Russia’s market.  

Kasyanov has expressed his hopes that Japan will soon start manufacturing its cars in Russia. According to Kasyanov, several Russian entrepreneurs accompanying him in his trip to Japan will be eager to start negotiations right away. 

Source: RBC

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov