Far East free of charge?

Slavyanka village is situated within 80 kilometers of the Korean border. Surprisingly, its Slavic population has been decreasing rapidly in the course of past years, reports the New York Times. According to local politicians, such demographic transformation of Russian Far East might be quite significant if it will soon be inhabited by refugees from North Korea.
Such human drama of 150,000 North Korean refugees secretly living in North China has really “touched American Congress." As a result, several amendments have been introduced in November aimed at simplifying current visa procedures for refugees as well as providing material support.  
In the course of his trip across Khasansky region, Governor of Seaside region Sergey Darkin has stated that he is willing to accept Koreans. This piece of land is located between China and the Pacific Ocean. It dead ends at North Korean territory which is only 8 kilometers. “America is moving in a right direction as far as the issue is concerned. I completely support its actions. Also, I am willing to help, even with  money,” stated Darkin.    
After his two-month trip from Vladivostok all the way to North Korea, Darkin appeared quite depressed. He said that current economic underdevelopment in the region leaves him absolutely hopeless of witnessing future growth. “Economy is in deep trouble over there,” added Darkin. “There is absolutely nothing out there. No fuel, no cement,  no fertilizers-absolutely nothing.” 
Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that it is of strategic importance to make people move to the Far East,” stated Press –Secretary of the federal Government Peotr Samoilenko while in Vladivostok. “One very important factor that Korea offers today is its cheap labor.” 
Today, there are 40,000 Russian Koreans living in the Seaside. Another 40,000 live in Sakhalin. In the course of the past decade, South Korea has become one of the most important foreign investors in the region.   


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov