Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov

Russian "Volga" to appear in Iraq

Gorky Motor Works “GAZ” exported its first container of 250 Russian cars under a brand name of “Volga” to Iraq. This was reported by the company’s press-secretary Sergey Lugovoi to RIA “Novosti.” According to Lugovoi, “GAZ” plans to export 436 more cars to Iraq by the end of the year. 
Russian car factory “GAZ” has already signed a contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce for 44 million euro. The contract discusses export of 5,000 more cars. “GAZ” planned to ship first 250 automobiles in March of 2003. However, the shipment has to be aborted because of war. 

After the establishment of a new government in Iraq, “GAZ” and the Ministry of International Affairs of the Russian Federation planned to resume its talks with Iraq. As a result, the contract was renewed.
Russian car factory expects to complete its duties in the first quarter of 2004, reports RIA “Novosti.”

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